The SEEDER SAGA Gets A Glow Up!

I am thrilled to announce that my SEEDER SAGA trilogy has gotten a glow-up! To help celebrate, all three books will be on a Kindle Countdown deal until 5/18 – get the Kindle copies for as low as 99¢!

These books marked my debut as an author, and back then I knew nothing at all about good cover design, and only slightly more about putting together a good story. Nine Romance novels, three Young Adult novels and twelve novellas later, I’m a much stronger writer, and I have a great catalogue of professional cover designers that have worked with me. It was time.

The SEEDER SAGA has been overhauled, re-edited, and even slightly expanded. Think of it as a Director’s cut – but without the price change. In addition, they now have cohesive, dynamic covers that identify them for what they are – a steamy Sci-Fi Romance trilogy. So without any further ado, here are my fantastic new covers!

Aren’t they gorgeous? SKY WOMAN finally looks like a proper reverse-harem romance, RAIN IN THE MOONLIGHT captures my badass rebel, Rain and her relentless hunter, Ajan, and CHANGELING looks like a rollicking adventure across the galaxy (which it is). I love them. All on sale for Kindle now!

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