“She speaks of the end of days . . .”


Sidhe fluttered at the mention, then forced herself to calm. “The end of days is but a legend. A myth told to children in order to guide their behavior. It isn’t real.”


Topic: “Vision”


#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday: David Gets The Spotlight


In my Once Upon A Time fanfic, Twice Upon A Dream, the main characters find themselves lost in the dreamscape, falling in and out of each other’s dreams (and the dreams of the people of Storybrooke) as they each search for a mysterious item or items associated with the number 7 – it’s the only way to break the curse and return them to the waking world.

In this scene, Henry, David and Snow go on a hunt for a special book, and David uses the strongest weapon in his arsenal to get it . . .

“He needs to get the book,” Snow said. “Where do we find it?”

“You’re in luck,” Henry said, grinning widely. “I just happen to know my way around the New York Public Library.”

The ravens made a reappearance as they began to walk, flapping up to land on ledges and rooftops, but not directly attacking at the moment. Still, David kept a watchful eye as they made their way to the library.

Once inside, Henry found the reference desk, and the dour librarian behind it, who watched him approach with narrowed eyes through her thin spectacles. Continue reading

#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday – Neverland Interlude


My Once Upon A Time fanfic, You Had Me At Malfeasance is a series of one-off’s set in and around various scenes in the show – sort of a behind-the-scenes set of fics. In this chapter, Hook and Emma share a conversation, just a few days after that first, infamous kiss . . .

She pulled herself out of the pool of water, glancing around carefully. It felt good to get the sweat and steam of the jungle off of her, even if it was temporary. She stood, wringing the water out of her hair, and then waved her arms, trying to generate some air flow around her body, in lieu of a towel.

“Keep flapping your arms like that and you’ll end up with an audience of Lost Boys,” Hook said.

She jumped, grabbing her clothes and holding them in front of her as she turned. He was standing a few yards away, with his back to her.

“How long have you been there?” She demanded. “It’s pretty low…spying on someone while they bathe.” She yanked her shirt over her head, then struggled to push her wet legs into her pants.

“Calm down, Swan, I’m only keeping watch for you.”

“I don’t recall inviting you.” Continue reading

Tidbit Tuesday: When A Pirate Needs Some Soothing


In Eight Nights At Sea, pirate captain Zephyr Jamieson finds Rina and her brother stowing away aboard his ship. They strike a mutually beneficial bargain: Safe passage for Rina and her brother in exchange for Rina warming the captain’s bed. But Rina is not what she seems – and Zeph is determined to learn all of her secrets.

In this scene, he’s just come out the victor in an unexpected battle, but took a good knock to the skull before it ended. He’s still reeling from the revelation that his demure bedmate has a touch of the magical about her . . .

“My head has me in a devil of a mood,” he apologized. “I just wish you’d told me everything from the beginning. Am I going to be surprised by anything else?”

She gave him a slightly mischievous grin. “Well, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you, would it?”

He closed his eyes and smiled. “Hellion.”

She touched his cheek lightly. “I’m sorry about your head.” Continue reading