#OnceUponATime #FanFic Friday: Killian Faces A Former Flame


My Once Upon A Time Fanfic, Twice Upon A Dream is a sequel to the very popular, These Dreams, and once again we see our heroes stuck in the dreamscape, trying to navigate their way out. This time the whole gang is along, and as they run in and out of each other’s dreams, it can occasionally get a little. . . dicey.

“Does this look familiar to you?” Emma asked, staring down at herself in dismay.

“Vaguely.” He glanced around. “We seem to be in a manor house of some sort, and from the look of your corset, I’d say we’re in the Enchanted Forest. We just need to figure out exactly where…and when.”

He twined his fingers with her, pulling her along through a doorway, only to run smack into a woman who was coming through the doorway at the same time. She staggered back a few steps in surprise and Killian let go of Emma’s hand to reach out and steady her.

“Killian!” she exclaimed, and her face broke into a smile. “I didn’t realize you were in port! But what are you thinking, coming here? He’s sure to see you.”

Killian froze a moment, then he rubbed his ear uncomfortably. “Hello, Adelaide.

“Alannis,” she corrected, and her eyes narrowed, leveling on Emma.

“Who’s this?”

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Tidbit Tuesday: Things Aren’t Always What They Seem In SEASINGER


In Seasinger, Shira Wen is a cultural anthropologist who’s done a little too much digging – and it’s made her a target of some very powerful supernatural creatures. On top of that, her new boss at the university is her ex, a lecherous jerk who nearly wrecked her career. Into all this chaos strides Kai Vance – a man with one hell of a secret. . .

A short walk down the hall put her in front of Robert’s door. She didn’t bother knocking.
“This is the last straw,” she fumed, slamming the spreadsheet down on the desk. “You can’t end the Young Anthro program just so you can have some extra PR money.”
“I can, and I did,” he replied smoothly. His smile didn’t falter. “Part of my job is keeping this department fiscally responsible. Your program, while laudable, requires resources that the department can’t afford to float.”
“We’ll have some more fundraisers,” Shira said in exasperation. “Car washes and bake sales! I can -”
“Again, it’s a matter of resources. Every minute you’re sitting at a bake sale table is time you could have spent working lesson plans, speaking at a school, attending a conference, or working at a dig site.”
“So…” she bit her lip, thinking. “I’ll limit our Anthro trips to our working sites.”
“Where you’ll be supervising teens instead of working,” Robert pointed out. “Shira, it’s already done. I’ve finalized the revised budget and it’s been approved. Maybe we can talk about a summer workshop for a few days duration, if we have the residual funding.”
“And you couldn’t have discussed this with me?” she fumed.
“There was nothing to discuss.” Robert got to his feet and walked around the desk, smiling in a very patronizing way. “I realize this club is your baby, but I know you’re better than this, Shira. You’re a scientist, and a good one. We need you doing more important things.”
“Such as?”
“I’m putting together a think tank. We’ll meet once a month as a group, but I plan on having some intensive one-on-ones so I can…get to know people better.” He reached out, twirling a lock of her hair around his finger. “We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.” Continue reading


A #OnceUponATime #Thanksgiving #Fanfic


You Had Me At Malfeasance is a series of one-off fanfic set in and around the existing episodes. Some of them offer behind-the-scenes glimpses, and some are entirely new scenes that fall within canon. In this story, we see the characters gathering for a special Thanksgiving dinner – and they all have much to be thankful for. Have a read, feel the glow, pass the turkey.

A Once Upon A Time Thanksgiving



Tidbit Tuesday: Getting Over True Love Is Never Easy

Sea landscape with the eye of Ireland in Howth, Ireland.

In my novel, Someday in Dublin, Michael and Amy have a whirlwind romance that hits an overwhelming obstacle, leaving them both wounded. With an ocean between them, they both find it hard to recover, and even harder to get over what was nearly in their grasp. In this scene, Michael is doing his best to keep life on an even pace, but his loving cat, Useless, has something to say about that.

Michael stared at the television set, flipping through the channels one more time, even though he’d already done it twice.
He glanced over at the clock on the wall.
“It’s not even nine,” he said, “And here I sit.” He looked over at Useless, who blinked at him slowly before she lifted a paw and began a bath.
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#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday: A Tidbit & A Bit Of News

First, the news:

I’m making a return to FanFic!

Now that book two of my YA novel is in the hands of my editor, and I’m nearly (finally!) done with Earthsinger, I have a little time to scratch out a story that’s been whirling in my brain. As always, this will be Captain Swan focused, but with a supporting cast of main characters from the show, as well. Look for it to launch during the winter hiatus. This one is tentatively titled:


And now for your Fanfic tidbit: this passage comes from Twice Upon A Dream, the sequel to the very popular These Dreams, when a curse sends the main characters into the dreamscape. In this scene – set in reality, not in a dream – we see an unlikely alliance forged between two recurring characters that I think should be canon for the show… Continue reading