#FreeRead Friday: What Happens When You Confront Death In A Shopping Mall?


In my short story, Cashing In, we see a very determined young woman confronting death – but not in your usual sort of way…

She found him playing pinball in the shabby arcade inside what used to be a bustling mall. It was half-closed down now, stores boarded up and bankrupt, and rumor had it the Mall was on its last legs.
It figures, she thought.
There was still something of a food court – a McDonald’s and two sandwich places next to a few chipped tables and graffiti-spattered chairs. She could see people talking over milkshakes and Happy Meals from her vantage point near the change machine. Oblivious. The world was oblivious.
She, however, was not. Continue reading


I Finally Made It To Wattpad!


That’s right! I finally decided to expand my platform to Wattpad! For right now, I’m copying over my Fanfics just to generate some buzz, but I plan on copying over all of my free short stories, and expanding into some new short story titles as well.

I figure it’ll open my stuff up to a wider audience, and I really like what Wattpad has going on. The fans are rabid (I love that!) and the platform encourages all sorts of creativity. In short, I like the vibe.

I’ll be copying over one fanfic and one short story a week until I get caught up (more if I can find the time), and then I plan to grow from there.

So look for me on Wattpad!

Tidbit Tuesday: Dark Dreams And Nighttime Confessions

Open book with space for saying, quotes, excerpts. Chat symbol. Outline.

It’s almost here…Earthsinger breaks on Friday the 26th! And for all of you who’ve been waiting for Manni and Matt to collide, you’ll get your money’s worth, I assure you. In this scene, Manni and Matt share a quiet moment after a tumultuos day…

“Sorry I woke you up,” Matt said roughly. “I get nightmares sometimes. Wash is used to me.”
“It’s okay,” Manni said. “You didn’t bother me.” She rolled back toward him. “I get nightmares, too.”
He looked over Wash’s head at her. “You’re not just sayin’ that to make me feel better, are you?”
“I mean it. Even though you shrieked like a little girl and should be really embarrassed.”
He let out a reluctant chuckle. “Nice.” He rubbed Wash’s ears. “Still bustin’ on me.”
She had the grace to look chagrined. “Sorry. People do odd things in stress situations, I know that. I guess it was just…unexpected.”
“Because I used to be a fighter?”
“Yeah. And you’ve been so salty with me I guess I figured you for a tough guy.”
He raised up on one elbow so he could see her better. “You haven’t been sunshine and daisies either, y’know.”
“I know.” She said it without a trace of apology. “If you wanted kum-bay-yah sing-alongs, you should have invited Cecy along for the ride.”
“I doubt that would have gone over with Brad,” Matt said. “And I didn’t invite nobody. You’re a job, remember?”
She arched a brow. “How could I forget?”
Matt laid back down and stared up at the ceiling. His hand remained on Wash’s back, stroking slowly through his fur. Wash’s eyes were drooping as his owner lulled him back to sleep.
“It hasn’t been all that bad,” Matt said. “With you, I mean.”
“Thanks.” Manni laid back as well.
The silence stretched between them, and for a moment, Manni thought he’d fallen asleep, until Matt’s voice carried across from the other bed.
“So…what does a hot woman like you have nightmares about, anyway?”
Manni made a huffing sound. “Where to begin…”

It turns out they both have good reason for their bad dreams, and together they find a way to team up against the things that haunt them…all while trying to save the world. Catch the whole story with Earthsinger!

#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday: Killian To The Rescue!


In my Once Upon A Time Fanfiction, Pandora’s Pain, Pandora has come to Storybrooke in search of a certain box…

Along the way, she sends everyone back to a dark time in their lives, scattering them all over, taking away memories, and wreaking havoc all around.

In this scene, Killian Jones finds himself transported to Neverland, and manages to enlist the aid of a very familiar mermaid in his quest to return to Emma…


Killian started awake, rolling to his feet to face the danger and nearly sank his hook into Ariel. She fell backwards into the sand and he reached down to help her to her feet.

“Apologies, lass,” he said. “This place sets me on edge.”

Ariel nodded, brushing herself off. “That’s understandable. Have you seen anyone?”

Killian shook his head. “No, I’m quite alone. Did you make it to Storybrooke? How is Emma?”

Ariel’s mouth set in a grim line. “You’d better sit down.”

“Is she all right?” He looked at her beseechingly. “Please, Ariel – Is she all right?”

She plopped down on a log nearby. “How does it feel to wonder? To be eaten alive with worry?”

Killian’s jaw tightened. “I deserve that. But I still need to know. Please.” Continue reading

Failure Is Not An Option…Until It Is

sleep on computer

I was all set last week for this to be a countdown post to the launch of Earthsinger – which is set for Monday.

It’s already a month behind schedule due to some mad scrambling on book two of my YA series  (under my alternate moniker). I feel really crappy about that, but the YA books are a major big deal since they’re being traditionally published, so they get priority. Continue reading