Meet the Elementals – a magical race that inhabits our world embodying the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. Cecy is a “Twixter,” the half-human offspring of an air elemental, who doesn’t always fit in with the rest of our world. In addition to her magical heritage, Cecy bears another gift, one which will lead her to Brad, a scientist who is studying a very strange phenomenon – one that might signal a far deeper problem and a danger to life as we know it. Together, they stumble upon a mystery that affects them both and discover that playing it safe means nothing when love and desire are in the air. (Available Paperback/Kindle)

From the reviews:

“I just finished the last page of this story, and I can’t wait to read more.”

“You fall in love with them as they fall in love with each other.”

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Meet the Elementals – a magical race that inhabits our world embodying the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. Kai is a “Twixter,” the half-human offspring of an water elemental, who’s learned to make his own way in our world. In addition to his magical heritage, Kai bears another gift, one that pushes him to seek out Shira, an anthropologist who has unwittingly stumbled into a mystery that the Elementals don’t want her to know about. When Shira becomes a target and motives become revealed, Kai realizes that this is bigger than the both of them. He must convince Shira to trust him despite his heritage, and show her that love is elemental – and can hit you like a tidal wave. (Available Paperback/Kindle)

From the reviews:

“This was really intriguing. Such a magical plot…”

Enjoyable, steamy read and a great start to a series!

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Someday in Dublin

Amy is in Dublin, hoping to complete an Irish “Bucket List” that will add some excitement back into the life she wants to escape from.  She locks eyes with a gorgeous stranger across a crowded pub, and she suddenly finds herself almost believing in fate. One whirlwind weekend in Dublin changes the course of two lives, forcing Amy and Michael to finally face the secrets that define them and keep them from the love they’ve both been looking for. (Available Paperback/eBook)

From the reviews: 

“This was such an incredible story about two people finding each other, brought together by fate.”

“I have to say that Ms. Delaney writes really witty banter between her characters. It’s definitely one of her strongest abilities and really makes the story flow.”

“A must for all the wistful romantics out there!”

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Eight Nights At Sea

Zephyr Jamieson is a sarcastic and sexy pirate captain, sailing the seas of a magical realm. He encounters a beauty named Rina, a woman with a body that sets him aflame and a secret that she cannot tell. Rina barters passage aboard Zephyr’s ship for herself and her secretive twin brother with the only thing the pirate captain appears to be interested in. Can eight nights at sea lead to more? Or will her secret tear them apart? (Available Paperback/eBook)

From the reviews:

“Read this and I absolutely loved everything about this book, whether it be the characters, the plot, or the sensual scenes. Great reading!”

“Totally loved it! I could picture it all & the shock of what the secrets were was surprising, not expecting it at all!”

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SkyWoman Rain in the MoonlightCov Changeling

Sky Woman

Miranda “Miri” Reynolds was a fun-loving college student until she found herself transplanted to another world, as part of a cure to a genetic issue that’s been plaguing the planet for over a century. After a rocky start, she’s given refuge by a family of three gorgeous and determined brothers, all of whom have their eye on the beautiful “Sky Woman.” When a secret is revealed that makes Miri a target, will the brothers of Falenua house be enough to protect her? And will Miri be able to overcome her own misgivings about their culture and find happiness – and love in – her new home? (Available Paperback/eBook)

From the reviews:

“This is such a creative idea and a really great read! The story flows nicely and the emotions are portrayed beautifully.”

“This story was so hot and so much fun to read! It’s definitely a dirty fantasy type story and so original. It’s easy to follow and the author has done a great job in balancing the descriptions of things and leaving some stuff up to the imagination. I really fell in love with the characters. Miri is likeable and the brothers are just perfect! I’ve read this book several times and I plan to read it again soon.”

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 Rain In The Moonlight

Ajan is a Hunter, hired to travel to another planet by the ruler of the Mountain City in order to find and capture the leader of an opposing faction. His plans go awry when he encounters Rain, a rebel woman from the river valley who stirs him in dangerous ways, despite the fact that she seems intent on killing him. His people are known for their high sex drives and strong, primal reactions – Ajan isn’t sure if he will he be able to control himself around Rain long enough to bring his target in. When secrets are revealed that make him question his mission, he finds himself working alongside Rain to get to the bottom of an interplanetary mystery that will change everything between them. (Available Paperback/eBook)

From the reviews:
“This is such an awesome series. I love the romance aspect of it. The characters are intriguing and is incredibly well written. Loved it!”

“Ajan and Rain are strong characters, and it’s easy to love them both! The writing is fluent and the story is easy to follow. I will definitely buy every single book this author releases! She never disappoints! “

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Lizzie is kidnapped from Earth by a handsome stranger, only to find out her father was from another planet, and embroiled in a plot that threatens mankind all over the galaxy. She’s thrown together with Indar, a member of the Seeder Corps, and together they’re going to have to figure out a mystery that spans time and space – that is, if they can keep their hands off each other long enough to do so. Along the way, they’ll meet up with Miri, Raine, and their men – all of whom prove valuable in solving an intergalactic puzzle.  (Available Paperback/eBook)

From the reviews:

“Lizzie and Indar are very easy to love and their chemistry is a lot of fun as well. I would definitely recommend this whole trilogy.”

“This story has it all: adventure, fantasy, romance, heat and mystery.”

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Three books in cardboard box cover on white

Seeder Saga Complete Trilogy w/Bonus Novella (Kindle Select/Kindle Unlimited Only)

Across the galaxy, humanity is being selectively “seeded” onto other worlds. Three women from three different planets find themselves embroiled in a cosmic mystery that will lead them to adventure…and teach them to redefine love as they know it.

From the reviews:

“The books are great, the plot lines of each are individually compelling, and the enjoyment of how they tie together is the cherry on top…keeps you guessing and takes you places you never expected.”

“The 3 story lines flowed together very well and you find yourself almost through all 3 before you know it! Great read…check it out!”

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