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Eight Nights At Sea

Zephyr Jamieson is a sarcastic and sexy pirate captain, sailing the seas of a magical realm. He encounters a beauty named Rina, a woman with a body that sets him aflame and a secret that she cannot tell. Rina barters passage aboard Zephyr’s ship for herself and her secretive twin brother with the only thing the pirate captain appears to be interested in. Can eight nights at sea lead to more? Or will her secret tear them apart? (Available Paperback/eBook)

From the reviews:

“Read this and I absolutely loved everything about this book, whether it be the characters, the plot, or the sensual scenes. Great reading!”

“Totally loved it! I could picture it all & the shock of what the secrets were was surprising, not expecting it at all!”

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Someday in Dublin

Amy is in Dublin, hoping to complete an Irish “Bucket List” that will add some excitement back into the life she wants to escape from.  She locks eyes with a gorgeous stranger across a crowded pub, and she suddenly finds herself almost believing in fate. One whirlwind weekend in Dublin changes the course of two lives, forcing Amy and Michael to finally face the secrets that define them and keep them from the love they’ve both been looking for. (Available Paperback/eBook)

From the reviews: 

“This was such an incredible story about two people finding each other, brought together by fate.”

“I have to say that Ms. Delaney writes really witty banter between her characters. It’s definitely one of her strongest abilities and really makes the story flow.”

“A must for all the wistful romantics out there!”

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