Resource Thursday: Check Out This Great Tip Series


One of my favorite places to hang out on the internet is Reddit, and they have a thriving community of writers spread across numerous subreddits (specialized topic boards). On the r/writing subreddit, a professional “reader” for a publishing company has been publishing a series of terrific tips. This week’s installment has to do with character arcs, but you really should go back and read all of his posts. They’re full of substance and really, really useful!


The Tension Starts To Crackle in EARTHSINGER

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In book three of my Elemental Destinies series, Earthsinger, we meet Matt – a long haul trucker who finds himself caught up in a mystery that’s been millenia in the making. All of his new friends are talking circles around him, and Manni – the girl he was sent to fetch on a top-secret run – is bewitching him with her body every time he tries to get a solid answer about any of the strange happenings around him.

In this scene, he’s finally had enough… Continue reading

#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday: Emma And Hook Get Real


My Once Upon A Time fanfic, You Had Me At Malfeasance is set in Season 3, and it’s a series of one-off scenes that happen around the actual episodes. In this chapter, Princess, Hook (who has recently helped Emma get her memory back) is sharing a late-evening drink with the woman he crossed realms to find again. I’ll let the two of them take it from here….

“You sticking around?” Emma asked, reaching for a wine glass.

“Would you like me to?” he asked.

Emma stared at him for a long, charged minute. Finally, she gave a shrug, grabbed a bottle of wine off the counter and walked into the living room. He followed, leaning against the door jamb.

“I suppose I’ll take that as a ‘maybe.'”

“You can stay if you’d like,” she said. “I’d offer you wine, but it’s not really your kind of drink.” She gestured toward the sideboy. “The whiskey is over there. We’re fresh out of rum. Sorry.”

“Whiskey will do.” He walked over to the sideboy and poured himself a generous portion, bringing the bottle with him. He sat in the chair opposite the couch, and put his booted feet up on the coffee table.

“Don’t let Mary Margaret see you do that,” Emma warned him. “She’ll put an arrow in your ass.” Continue reading