Tease Week Continues With Another Peek At “Sky Woman”


In anticipation of the pending release of Changeling: Book Three of the Seeder Saga, I’m teasing you with excerpts of books one and two from The Seeder Saga series. Today, you get another peek at Miri, from book one: “Sky Woman.”

Miri is being avidly pursued by three brothers who want her for their own. Each one has his own unique style, and one of my favorites to write for was Kaivan, the youngest brother. he’s funny, he’s unashamedly flirtatious, and he’s got mad skills between the sheets.

Miri turned her head to look at him as he lay next to her. He was just so beautiful.  The lines of his body, his face as he slept – he even had extra-long lashes that any girl would kill for. And that mouth…she thought. She suppressed a delicious shiver remembering what that mouth could do. Part of her wanted to wake him so they could start all over again, maybe never leave the bed, but her more practical side saw the sky darkening through the window and realized it was dinnertime.


He opened one eye, a slow grin spreading across his face at the sight of her lying there, completely nude and uncovered.

“Dinner,” she reminded.

He reached for her. “We’ve got time.”

She laughed. “Honestly, if we bonded, I’d probably never be able to walk normally again.”

He stared at her in silence, his eyes darkening with promise.

“I would see to it personally.” he promised.

She rolled her eyes.  Careful, Miri. You can’t be taking this stuff for granted.

They dressed quickly, Miri fending off Kaivan’s wandering hands, and he gave her one last scorching kiss that left her seriously considering going hungry for the rest of the evening. Finally, he pulled her out the door and down the stairs. He left her in the garden with Avi while he stepped inside to have a word with his brothers.

“I see Kaivan’s been defending you vigorously.” Avi said, with a knowing grin.

Miri’s cheeks burned. “Is it that obvious?”

“Not really. I just know that boy. His reputation precedes him.”

“Let me guess—he’s the village lothario.” Miri said, wryly.

“You have no idea,” said Avi. “It’s common here that when a boy reaches his late teens, his father to takes him to a reputable pleasure house for ‘tutoring.’”

“Tutoring?” Miri asked, mouth agape. “Seriously?”

“Every advantage counts when marriageable women are in short supply. Parents consider it important for their sons to know how to please a potential wife.”

Miri was taken aback. “I see.”

“In Kaivan’s case, several women who worked in the local pleasure houses were sending bribes over to Falenua in an effort to win him once he was old enough.” Avi finished his latest list with a flourish, rolling up the paper. “He finally ended up going to Alta.”


“She was renowned around here, but had retired a few years before. She was only in her thirties, but she’d made a fortune in her prime and didn’t need to work anymore.” Avi gave Miri a sideways grin. “She came out of retirement just for Kaivan.”

“So that’s where he got his skills.”

Avi made a scoffing sound. “Honey, you have to know some of that is instinct. That boy is sex on legs.”


He more than earns that nickname, I assure you. Want to read more? Check out the book! Sky Woman is available at Amazon.

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