“What the devil is going on here?” He bellowed. . .


“Word’s been going around the dock that you’re looking for a companion, and here I am. Send the rest away, lovey.” She grinned widely, then remembered her missing teeth and closed her lips into a tight smile.


Topic: “Fatal Attraction”


At least she’d have memories to hold to, to remember. . .


Not many people got to feel what she felt in the course of a lifetime, let alone a span of days. She should be grateful.
But she felt sad all the same.


Topic: “Gratitude”

Help! My Brain Is Being Invaded By Pirates!

Good Looking Young Man in Pirate Fashion Outfit Sitting next to

I’m putting the finishing touches on Earthsinger so it can go out to my beta readers this week, but it’s been a real test of my patience.

Why? Because pirates have taken over my brain!

Back when I wrote Eight Nights At Sea, I had intended for it to be a stand-alone work, but my readers fell so in love with Aven, Rina’s silent but wonderful brother, and a grain of a thought started to grow: what if Aven went on a quest to find his voice?

And like all good stories, it’s taken root at started to burst out of the manure-ridden soil in my brain. Which is an unfortunate thing right now because I have two more books to finish in this current series first. Aaaargh. Continue reading