The SEEDER SAGA Gets A Glow Up!

I am thrilled to announce that my SEEDER SAGA trilogy has gotten a glow-up! To help celebrate, all three books will be on a Kindle Countdown deal until 5/18 – get the Kindle copies for as low as 99¢!

These books marked my debut as an author, and back then I knew nothing at all about good cover design, and only slightly more about putting together a good story. Nine Romance novels, three Young Adult novels and twelve novellas later, I’m a much stronger writer, and I have a great catalogue of professional cover designers that have worked with me. It was time.

The SEEDER SAGA has been overhauled, re-edited, and even slightly expanded. Think of it as a Director’s cut – but without the price change. In addition, they now have cohesive, dynamic covers that identify them for what they are – a steamy Sci-Fi Romance trilogy. So without any further ado, here are my fantastic new covers!

Aren’t they gorgeous? SKY WOMAN finally looks like a proper reverse-harem romance, RAIN IN THE MOONLIGHT captures my badass rebel, Rain and her relentless hunter, Ajan, and CHANGELING looks like a rollicking adventure across the galaxy (which it is). I love them. All on sale for Kindle now!


Meet FAETED BRIDE, my new Fae novella! It was previously published in an anthology, but after six months, the rights reverted and the exclusivity clause expired, allowing me to publish it on my own.

This story originally went to a good cause, as the anthology raised money for a fellow author whose family was involved in a terrible car accident. That’s the state of healthcare in America – you have to hold a fundraiser to pay your medical bills. They’re all on the road to recovery now, and I had a blast writing the “Wake Up Married” trope in a magical realm.

So here’s the blurb:

Cait has been looking forward to finally meeting her online match for weeks. Sparks ignite, chemistry takes over, and one steamy night later she finds herself in a magical new world with a determined and irresistible Fae male who insists she’s now his mate. When the secrets of her past are revealed, Cait must decide where the truth lies—and whether her heart will follow.

FAETED BRIDE is out now – get your copy here!

ONCE UPON AN US Is Your Perfect Valentines Day Read!

Looking for a cozy, funny, head-over-heels, rock-your-socks-off Valentine’s Day read? ONCE UPON AN US is the book for you!

It’s the story of Kayla and Drew, two high school sweethearts who were the star performers of their local Renaissance Faire’s children’s theatre production of “Once Upon a Princess.”

It been ten years since then, and Kayla and Drew (along with the Ren Faire) are no more. When Kayla gets an invitation to a Valentine’s Day fundraising gala aimed at restarting the Faire – with Drew’s personal note on the bottom – old feelings stir and she begins to question choices she made long ago.

This story will have you laughing and cheering, it will warm your heart and steam your glasses. Get your copy here!

My 2022 Writing Goals

I can’t believe it’s already a new year! I’ve spent most of this holiday break getting myself organized and setting up my writing and publishing calendar. Here’s what 2022 looks like for me:

  • Draft and publish two full-length romance novels – one contemporary (Coming in Feb!) and one fantasy
  • Publish two novellas – one previously only available in an anthology (I get the rights back this year) and the other a new work.
  • Draft and publish two new short stories for my Free Reads collection
  • Query one project (Dream Crossed) for traditional publication
  • Attend book festivals in PA and NJ (COVID restriction dependent)

Those are just the goals in Romance. I also write Young Adult novels under another pen name, and the plan there is to publish one novel in the fall, draft and query a brand new project, then overhaul, revise and query two other full manuscripts.

Along with that, I plan to survive on two hours of sleep a night and a helluva lot of caffeine. And of course, I’m a writer, so there are sure to be plot twists that shoot those plans straight to hell. We’ll have to see how it goes.

Happy New Year and wish me luck!

New Covers & A New Novella!

That’s right, there’s a new novella breaking next week, the final installment of my Seasons of Love series. BLUSTER is a fun story about an Autumn witch and the disconcertingly handsome warrior brute she hires as her guide through a dangerous land. It’s got snark, it’s got fire lizards (!), and most of all, it’s got heart and plenty of steam.

In addition to BLUSTER, I’m still putting the finishing touches on a new Valentine’s Day romance that you’re going to fall head -over-heels for!

By now you’ve noticed that DREAM CROSSED missed its release date – I was originally shooting for September, but the release of my YA novel (under my alternate nom de plume) sort of ate all my writing time. I was planning on early December, but then a major publishing house decided to have an open call for submissions that I couldn’t ignore. I sent it in and crossed my fingers, and if it gets ignored, I’ll publish it this summer, I promise.

Finally, two of my older holiday novellas have gotten a makeover. When I first published NAUGHTY OR NICE and AULD LANG SIN, I was a newbie author who knew precious little about book publishing or good cover design. They were both long overdue for a glow up. So allow me to present their new (and much hotter) replacements:

Aren’t they gorgeous? Just the thing to spice up the holidays – and all yours for only 99 cents!

First Look at THE SACRIFICE (With Excerpt!)

In just a few weeks, you’ll meet Shysera of the Stories, who thought she was a routine sacrifice to an indifferent god. What she finds instead is a malevolent entity determined to inflict suffering as a means to his ultimate goal. It will take all her wits – and an alliance with a very pissed-off prince – to vanquish a god and free the world. Here’s a first look from the opening chapter . . .

“Do any of you know her name?” She asked. “The female who died?”

No one answered. The female from the Skylands turned her head away. The young girl from the Waters finally replied.

“Her name was Ezbera,” the girl said softly. “She seemed nice. From the Wilds.”

Six cells. Six cages to hold a member of each of the people on the planet. That meant the woman had been a shifter, most likely a lioness, with that mane of golden hair. Shysera wondered what it had looked like when it was clean, and she had been healthy and strong.

“How long was she here?” Shysera asked.

“How long are any of us here?” The male from the Summits asked flatly. “Time doesn’t have any meaning in this place.”

“I’ve been counting the meals,” the young girl from the Waters said. “Since they come only once a day. I’ve had twenty-six meals. She was here before me.”

Shysera gave her a small, approving smile. “That’s very smart.”

The girl returned the smile, a bit wanly. “My father says I’m smartest in our family.” Her eyes welled with tears, and she buried her face into her skinny, scabby knees, trying to hide her sniffles.

Shysera looked out at the rest of them. “Do we know anything else about her? Her village? Her family? What her place was within her clan?”

“Nobody’s here for conversation.” The big man from the Southern Lands snapped. “So you can just shut it.”

“We’re all in here together,” Shysera said. “Doesn’t it make sense to—”

“None of this makes sense,” the female from the Skylands said. She pulled her wing up over her face and curled into the wall. The male from the Summits did the same. The girl from the Waters was turned away as well, weeping softly. Southern Lands man just glared at her. Conversation over.

“She had a story,” Shysera said softly. “A life. A family. People that she loved and people that loved her. She needs to be remembered. Please—you were all here with her. Someone must know something?”

“What good will any of that do her? She’s dead.” The male from the Summits answered her.

“If we can find a way out of this place,” Shysera said, “one of us can take her story to her people. So they know how fiercely she fought, and how bravely she suffered.”

“You think her family wants to hear that?” The female from the Skylands snapped. “How badly she suffered?”

“She has a story,” Shysera repeated. “It needs to be told, and remembered.”

“No one is going to remember her, or any of us.” The big man from the Southern Lands said. His voice carried no rage, only a flat certainty chilled her to her bones. “And none of us have a story anymore.”


It’s here! THE ELEMENTAL DESTINIES Complete Set is out now! Along with these four terrific books:





You also get a not-yet-available copy of the bonus novella FORCE OF NATURE! (FON is Keb’s story, for those of you following the series).

I am beyond thrilled to offer this exclusively on Kindle/Kindle Direct.



Holiday Heat

HOLIDAY HEAT is my new novella collection of six holiday-themed novellas and the perfect thing to keep you warm in chilly weather!

The set includes:







Available now on exclusively on Kindle/Kindle Unlimited!


Seven Dark Treasures


This book has been literal years in the making, and it’s finally out in the world – and what a journey it’s been.

It all began in 2014, when, on a total whim, I wrote my first ever fanfic. I didn’t expect it to be received well, to be honest. I only used one character from the hit show, set him in an entirely different world outside of the show, and gave him a whole new love interest. I wrote the first installment, went to bed, and the next day when I remembered to check on it, I had over a hundred great reviews!

I was thrilled everyone liked the story that had captured so many waking moments in my mind, and twenty-something chapters later, I typed “The End,” and I realized I had done something I’d never done before: I wrote a book. 58,000 words, with a beginning, a middle, an end, character arcs, reveals, reversals, and a whole lot of steam and humor.

The story had over 1200 good reviews on and Archive of Our Own, and I realized that with some tweaking, I could easily publish it. So I pulled the story down, renamed and retooled my main character into the delightful Zephyr Jamieson, left the rest of the tale pretty much as it was, and that became EIGHT NIGHTS AT SEA.

Not long after the book was out, I started getting emails and tweets and Facebook messages asking when I was going to release Aven’s story. Readers fell in love with Rina’s twin brother and his magical heart–but i was neck-deep in THE SEEDER SAGA, so I put it on a backburner. Then I got flooded with other ideas, landed a traditional publishing contract (in YA) with a big five publisher, and poor Aven never got his chance.

Things have evened out a bit for me, time-wise, and Aven took over my thoughts and smacked me around, demanding I finally get his story told. He’d waited long enough to find Meriel–and I know you’re all going to love her.

She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s sarcastic, and she’s a badass with a set of daggers. Together, they go an an epic quest to end her curse and finally win Aven a voice.

And of course, we’ll catch up with Zephyr & Rina, as well. So climb aboard, and get ready for an adventure with SEVEN DARK TREASURES!