Writing Goals? Uh . . . I Have Them Here Somewhere . . .

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That’s pretty much it, folks. This year, I need to get shit done. With my YA books blowing my free time out of the water, I have been crazy behind on all my romance writing projects to the point of acute personal humiliation and embarrassment. Seriously.

I meant to have the Elemental Series entirely behind me by now, and publish a few more novellas, but wow. Just . . . wow. Being traditionally published is such an ordeal compared to self-pub, and it’s been a real learning process. A good one, believe me, but it’s been a slog. I think I have a handle on it all now, I’ve learned some critical time-management skills, and I’m ready to get back in the saddle again.

So this year, no crazy over-reaching goals. Here’s what I’m going for: Continue reading

Middle Of The Night Writing

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I’ve had a serious bout of insomnia for nearly two weeks now, and a few nights ago I decided I was done lying there staring at the wall and thinking about how I needed to go back to sleep, I’d get up and write.

It’s been very oddly productive. I’m getting tons done. I’m sleep-deprived as hell and nodding off at my desk around 3pm, but by God, I’m getting writing done. Continue reading

In The Breathe Time

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The latest round of rewrites on my second YA book are in the editor’s hands, things at the day job have finally stopped spinning out of control, a certain court-related matter having to do with fighting a traffic citation that blossomed into mammoth proportions finally got dismissed completely (yay!) and life is leveling out (I say this with a good deal of trepidation because ya never know . . .).

I’m in the breathe time, and oh, how I needed it. I feel really crappy that I’ve let Earthsinger go for so long – like I’ve really let my readers down. I’ve also let myself down – and Earthsinger was a story I was so jazzed about telling! Matt and Manni are so electric in their chemistry and so much fun to write. I’ve delved back in non-stop again and it’s coming together at last. Look for this one soon, and then the one after that (Firesinger). Continue reading

Fell Off The Face Of The Planet


I know, I know. . .

For all intents and purposes, Britt DeLaney has left the planet. Believe me, Readers, the frustration is probably deeper on my side than yours. You’re only as good as your last book, and mine was damn near 8 months ago. I promised book 3 by September, and here I am, still not ready to release it into the wild. Continue reading

Resource Thursday: Check Out This Great Tip Series


One of my favorite places to hang out on the internet is Reddit, and they have a thriving community of writers spread across numerous subreddits (specialized topic boards). On the r/writing subreddit, a professional “reader” for a publishing company has been publishing a series of terrific tips. This week’s installment has to do with character arcs, but you really should go back and read all of his posts. They’re full of substance and really, really useful!

This Is When You Put On The Big Girl Panties…

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Crunch time.

Life is playing hockey with me right now, and I spent the better part of Labor Day weekend shopping for a car, buying a car, finding a way to pick up my bought car (and return my rental car) which isn’t as easy as you think when you’re a single person with no family anywhere around you.

I also got the notes from my editor on my 2nd YA book – and a deadline for that which only turned the thumbscrews tighter. Continue reading

Thursday Resources: Book Marketing



Book Marketing. What a pain.

Believe me, I know. I blog/Tweet/Facebook/Instagram on three different platforms (all while holding down a full time job to pay the bills and writing when I can find time around all that) and developing and executing a marketing strategy for each book can make you mental.

And make you feel like you’re out in the middle of a lake on a rowboat, screaming about your book only to hear it echo through the surrounding hills.

So here today are a few articles I found helpful when crafting my marketing strategies: Continue reading