He Was Dying . . .

Woman sleeping on a medical bed

He felt the life draining from him, sucked away like dust in a windstorm, feeding into the mouth of the creature, leaving him shriveled and contorted. His features were now a twisted mask of terror and agony with no resemblance to the man he used to be. His final breath left him in a rush, captured only by the gaping maw of the evil that held him.


Topic: “Fear”

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Resource Thursday: Creating And Writing Believable Conflict

Chess board with figures

You’ve got to have conflict in your story. The protagonist has to have something – or someone – s/he’s fighting against and fighting for. Your supporting characters need to have their own agendas and it’s vital that they don’t always agree with the protagonist. You need that conflict to move things along.

Easier said than done sometimes. If you’re looking for some insight into how to make believable conflict and tension, here’s some reading material to give you food for thought: Continue reading

I Seriously Need More Hours In A Day

Passing time

One of the more frustrating things about being me right now is not having enough time to write all the books I want to be writing.

I’m having to prioritize, but if I had unlimited time to devote to this writing thing (because I had a sugar daddy to pay my bills so I didn’t have to work, a full-time nanny for the kids, and a shirtless pool boy named Javier), here’s what I’d be doing. Continue reading

Resource Thursday: Facebook Opens Its “Instant Articles” To Individuals


Freelancers, take note!

On April 12th, Facebook will be opening its “Instant Articles” to all publishers – including freelance individuals.

No  longer limiting itself to media organizations means wider, more diverse content. Their guidelines for publisher qualifications are fairly broad, as well.

All Instant Articles do need to reference a web link, so if you participate you can’t publish exclusively on Facebook. It’s a simple enough thing to set up a target website for article distribution, then reference the site in your article.

In return, Facebook will give you around 70% of the revenue from ads sold within the post, with Facebook doing all the selling.

You can find more information on guidelines and technical requirements here and here, and documentation requirements for publishers here.


Resource Thursday: A TED Talk Every Writer Should Watch


I could spend all day watching TED talks. There’s a wealth of great information out there and poignant insight from people with all sorts of amazing life experience. I was pointed toward this particular talk on in an online writing community, and it illustrates beautifully the importance of multiple points of view, of diverse characters that each tell their version of the story.

Continue reading

Yesterday Was “Thesaurus Day” And I’m Really Livid, Irate, Fuming And Cross That I Missed It

Shot of book spine

Where would I be without my thesaurus? It comes in so handy, doesn’t it? I don’t know how many times I’ve been editing and caught myself getting repetitive with certain descriptors. I start sifting through synonyms and find exactly the right one….

And then I end up cutting half of them when I do my final edits because, damn. I am bat-shit crazy with the adjectives. I frequently need an intervention. Continue reading

Resource Thursday: Let’s Talk Grammar


I pride myself on my nearly impeccable grammar.

Did you know I was once the Southwest Regional Grammar Rodeo Champion? (Please, no autographs) That’s not to say I don’t make the occasional typo or write something that’s probably right but just looks wrong.

Sometimes, after a night of keyboard tapping, the eyes get bleary and the brain gets fuzzy and the dumb sets in. Here’s a great set of references for when this happens to you:

The proper use of it’s and its

This one’s a catch-all that covers a lot of stuff

Proper use of quotation marks

The Penal Code of Punctuation

The Use of Tense in Writing

Hope you get some use out of those!




Writing Rituals And Why We Need Them

When I first started trying to write seriously, I’d sit down on my couch with my laptop, switch on the TV and carelessly peck at the keys for an hour or so. Sometimes I’d get into a groove and hammer out 2,000 words at a pop, and sometimes I was lucky if I clocked 200 in a night.

Then I realized this was not a stellar plan for actually finishing a book, and I started looking for ways to get in that groove and stay there. Or close to there.

And now I have rituals. I don’t do this every time I write, but I do most of this stuff regularly and I do it religiously when I’ve got a deadline coming up.

Here’s what works for me: Continue reading

So Here’s What I’m Working On Next…The Elemental Series


I’m in final edits for Someday In Dublin, which means the greater majority of that book is in the can. Whew! And now I can really begin hammering out the next project – The Elemental Destiny Series.

This is going to be a four part work – four individual full-length novels with protagonists based on their affinity for one of the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. They won’t be releasing in that order – it’s more like Air, Water, Earth and Fire, but you get the gist of it.

Each of these characters lives partly in the supernatural world, though they are very firmly rooted in present-day earth. I’ve been kicking this one around for a good, long while, outlining and reworking the outline and fleshing it out.

One of my biggest complaints about The Seeder Saga (and I can’t help but think it was an issue for the readers) is that Books 1 & 2 are essentially stand-alone books, up until their final chapters. That’s mainly because when I wrote the first one, I hadn’t really planned for a trilogy, and then I was halfway into book two and could only hint at the plot of book three by introducing you to its hero in a passing manner.

Everything comes together in book three, with a lot of great callbacks and visits to our friends in books one and two, but they don’t really have the cohesive feel I’d like out of a series.

This one will have that, and an intricately woven plot that centers around a series of mysteries that reveal themselves through the course of the series, culminating in life-or-death decisions that will affect the entire human race.

This one is going to take a while to churn out, but it’ll be worth it, I promise. In the meantime, you’ll have Somewhere In Dublin, and I’ll toss a few more novellas your way to keep your blood pumping, I promise.

Off to work I go!