#FreeReads #Friday – What Happens When You Go Looking For Death?


In my short story, CASHING IN, we meet a woman who has a very singular mission: to find Death.

When she finally tracks him down at an arcade in a shopping mall, he decides to indulge her, but first he asks “Why?”

Read the short story for free here.




#FreeRead Friday: What Happens When You Confront Death In A Shopping Mall?


In my short story, Cashing In, we see a very determined young woman confronting death – but not in your usual sort of way…

She found him playing pinball in the shabby arcade inside what used to be a bustling mall. It was half-closed down now, stores boarded up and bankrupt, and rumor had it the Mall was on its last legs.
It figures, she thought.
There was still something of a food court – a McDonald’s and two sandwich places next to a few chipped tables and graffiti-spattered chairs. She could see people talking over milkshakes and Happy Meals from her vantage point near the change machine. Oblivious. The world was oblivious.
She, however, was not. Continue reading

Announcing A New Free Short Story: Atrophy! #FreeReads

When an ancient creature steals your last breath, the consequences can be…severe.

By request! Here’s the short story that got my brain whirling on the path that eventually created Windsinger.

This was originally a contest entry, and one of my first forays into the horror genre. It’s not a terribly long read, but I think you’ll like where it goes.

So sit back in your creaky house and try not to feel that cold chill on your neck as you read Atrophy.

New FREE Read! Check Out My Short Story, “Nimbus” #amwriting


Nimbus is a story I wrote a few years back, when I was competing in season seven of Live Journal Idol on LiveJournal.com. It’s a little (okay, a lot) dear to me.

So take a moment, and look through the eyes of a child who is more than he appears to be, and discover that there are indeed superheroes among us.

You can download it (or read it online) FREE at Smashwords.com.