He crossed the cabin in three strides . . .

Young beautiful loving couple is embracing on a black background

“Say it, Drella,” he demanded fiercely. “Tell me what you really want.”

She lifted her chin, and somehow managed to get the words out.

“I don’t want you to leave me. I want to stay with you.”


Topic: “Stay”

From: Captured By The Hunter



He Was Dying . . .

Woman sleeping on a medical bed

He felt the life draining from him, sucked away like dust in a windstorm, feeding into the mouth of the creature, leaving him shriveled and contorted. His features were now a twisted mask of terror and agony with no resemblance to the man he used to be. His final breath left him in a rush, captured only by the gaping maw of the evil that held him.


Topic: “Fear”

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