You Couldn’t Blink In Front Of Scum Like Them…


She tried not to let her fear show but it was there,

tightening her throat and tasting of acid.

2 Bit Tuesday

Theme: Fear


Excerpt Tuesday: An Outsmarted Hunter Makes A Formidable Foe

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In my novella, Captured by the Hunter, Jodan is an interstellar bounty hunter, sent to collect a runaway bride. Drella turns out to be a very worthy prey – and much, much more than he bargained for. In this scene, Drella used her feminine wiles to outsmart him, and he’s giving himself a mental lecture over it…

He was slipping. He’d let himself get distracted, and he had no one to blame for that but himself. It hadn’t even occurred to him that the woman could be beautiful. Or that alluring.

He’d heard stories of Inirian women, of course, but he’d dismissed a lot of it as folklore. Being a Prim, he knew first-hand how stories of sexual exploits travelled, and only very rarely did they have a smattering of truth.

He hadn’t counted on her being that beautiful. Or on her obvious attraction to him. He was there to capture her – yet she had still become aroused at his proximity to her. He couldn’t help but react.

He should have helped it. He should have known she’d have a plan to distract him.

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The Seeder Saga Complete Set Is A Kindle Countdown Deal!

Across the galaxy, humanity is being selectively “seeded” onto other worlds. Three women from three different planets find themselves embroiled in a cosmic mystery that will lead them to an adventure…and teach them to redefine love as they know it.

The Seeder Saga complete set – plus a bonus novella can be yours for a song because it is now a Kindle Countdown Deal! Get it while it’s hot!!



Mark Your Calendars – The Seeder Saga Goes On Kindle Countdown Deal Jan 18th!

You read that right! Next Monday (January 18th), the entire Seeder Saga plus bonus novella is going on Kindle Countdown Deal, starting out at 50% off!!

Now’s your chance to get all three out-of-this-world novels plus a steamy hot novella all at one great price!

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Did I Say Combo? Yes, I Did – Announcing The Seeder Saga Complete Edition! #romance #kindle #kindleunlimited


That’s right! By reader request, here’s the full trilogy available at a steal of a price! All three books, in their entirety, plus the novella “Captured by the Hunter” – which also takes place in the Seeder universe. So that’s three complete novels, plus a bonus novella, all in one place, all for one low price! How awesome is that?

And you can buy it right here.


In Honor Of The New Seeder Complete Edition Release – Here’s An Excerpt From “Changeling” #FridayReads

In the third book of The Seeder Saga, Changeling, Lizzie finds herself kidnapped by a handsome alien by the name of Indar. Indar is a Seeder, a group of people responsible for “seeding” mankind onto various planets throughout the galaxy. He took Lizzie away from Earth for her own good, but she’s not seeing it that way yet.

In this scene, Indar’s getting in his regular workout aboard the ship, and invites Lizzie to join him…. Continue reading

Is It Warm In Here? Oh, Sorry….That’s Just My Steamy Novella…#romance #goodreads #kindledeals


If you’re a fan of my Seeder Saga books and haven’t yet perused my novellas, this book is for you.

If you’re still on the fence about reading my stuff and have thought about the Seeder Saga – then for $.99 and a short read, this book is a good way to get to know how I write.

Because in my universe, the men are men and the women are all up in their face about it. And then the plot thickens, the clothes come off, the plot takes a turn, and the resolution will always be worth the wait.

I write smart women and equally smart men. I make them snarky and sarcastic and overly forceful at times, but I always try to keep the tension bubbling, just below the surface.

Want a peek inside this one? Check out the excerpt here.

And if you want to know how I like my men (and women), check out Captured by the Hunter, available on Amazon for Kindle or at Smashwords for all e-reading devices.