She couldn’t stop thinking about him . . .


He was dangerous. Dangerous to her senses, dangerous

to her peace of mind…just all-over dangerous.


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Last Day For My SEEDER SAGA #Giveaway!

Three books in cardboard box cover on white
Last day to enter the Goodreads giveaway for your own set of THE SEEDER SAGA trilogy!
ENTER HERE for your chance at one of three sets of the complete trilogy in paperback: Sky Woman, Rain in the Moonlight, and Changeling!


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That’s right – one big giveaway for THREE lucky winners @goodreads!

The giveaway is listed under “Sky Woman” because I couldn’t seem to get the whole trilogy on one giveaway for some reason (why doesn’t it give you that option?) – anyway, the giveaway is actually for the entire trilogy! All three books of the Seeder Saga (Sky Woman, Rain in the Moonlight, and Changeling) signed by yours truly.

Enter the giveaway before May 31st and good luck to my three winners!

FYI – My Full-Length Novels Are On Sale At Smashwords Through March 11


Just a heads up! All my full-length novels (not the novellas) are available for $1.50 each only on Smashwords through March 11th.

This is eBook only, of course, but Smashwords is compatible with just about every format out there, including Kindle, Nook, and iPad.

Look ’em up here!

It’s Been A Long Time Coming: The Seeder Saga Is Now In Print!

Three books in cardboard box cover on white

Across the galaxy, humanity is being selectively “seeded” onto other worlds. Three women from three different planets find themselves embroiled in a cosmic mystery that will lead them to adventure…and teach them to redefine love as they know it…

That’s right! I know it seemed to take forever (due to so many other projects pushing to the forefront), but The Seeder Saga is now out in print!

It approved for CreateSpace today, so you’ll see it appearing on Amazon alongside the Kindle versions by the end of week.

As always, many thanks to Colleen Kennedy at Mystique Book Designs for her amazing cover art! She captured all three of my girls so beautifully! Miri and her tentative wonder, Rain and her unbeaten spirit, and Lizzie’s brilliant tenacity. They’re all very dear to me, and their men haunted my hot, steamy fantasies for soooo long. You have no idea.

You can find the Seeder Saga here:


Amazon Kindle Unlimited (Complete set w/Bonus Novella)


Barnes & Noble


Good News! RAIN IN THE MOONLIGHT Is Now In Paperback!


I know, I know…it’s been a long time coming. I apologize for that. I am unbelievably busy right now (which is a very good thing) and I honestly had to channel my efforts toward the other projects.

Rain In The Moonlight is now out in paperback via Createspace, and should be linked up on Amazon within the next few days. If you’re the type that likes a paper copy in your hand, here you go.

Changeling is next, I hope within the next month. I’ll keep you posted. I’m also planning a new novella for St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone wants to get lucky, right?

Stay tuned…