New Cover Announcement!

When I first started writing and self publishing, I made a lot of rookie mistakes. I sent out ridiculous amounts of marketing blitzes on Twitter, spent money on Facebook ads (Note to any newbie author reading this: do not waste money on Facebook ads. Ever.), and I made poor choices in book covers.

All of the covers for my novels were professionally contracted, and very nice covers, but two of them were just not representative of what the book really was. For instance, this was my original cover for EIGHT NIGHTS AT SEA:


Hot couple. Definitely sexy. But come on, this is a pirate novel! And I’m not really crazy about the font choices in the title. So I shelled out a few more bucks and got a nicely commissioned cover that tells you what my book is all about.


Much better, don’t you think? And for years now, I’ve been staring at the cover for RAIN IN THE MOONLIGHT, which is part two of my SEEDER SAGA, and thinking “This looks nothing like my story.” I was looking for a cover that featured a redhaired girl in the countryside because a lot of the story has Rain (my main character), traveling across country with Ajan, her brooding dynamo of a love interest. I chose a premade cover from the artist who had done my other covers, and I chose it quickly because I wanted to get this out fast.


Again, it’s a lovely cover. But it also looks like a girl in a wedding gown, shaking blossoms down onto her face. She has the red hair. She’s pretty. That’s about as far as the resemblance to my story goes. There is no wedding gown in my story, and Rain is definitely not a blossom shaking kind of girl. Not unless she shaking them in your eyes to blind you before she cuts your throat with her knife. She’s a rebel, fighting an unjust ruler, and a total bad ass. And I did her a complete disservice with that cover. So without any further ado, let me introduce you to the brand-new cover for RAIN IN THE MOONLIGHT.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100

If you haven’t read the SEEDER SAGA already, I hope you’ll check it out. Rain is only one  of three amazing women who find themselves scattered across the galaxy, where stories intertwine in the most interesting ways.

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