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Tidbit Tuesday: Things Aren’t Always What They Seem In SEASINGER


In Seasinger, Shira Wen is a cultural anthropologist who’s done a little too much digging – and it’s made her a target of some very powerful supernatural creatures. On top of that, her new boss at the university is her ex, a lecherous jerk who nearly wrecked her career. Into all this chaos strides Kai Vance – a man with one hell of a secret. . .

A short walk down the hall put her in front of Robert’s door. She didn’t bother knocking.
“This is the last straw,” she fumed, slamming the spreadsheet down on the desk. “You can’t end the Young Anthro program just so you can have some extra PR money.”
“I can, and I did,” he replied smoothly. His smile didn’t falter. “Part of my job is keeping this department fiscally responsible. Your program, while laudable, requires resources that the department can’t afford to float.”
“We’ll have some more fundraisers,” Shira said in exasperation. “Car washes and bake sales! I can -”
“Again, it’s a matter of resources. Every minute you’re sitting at a bake sale table is time you could have spent working lesson plans, speaking at a school, attending a conference, or working at a dig site.”
“So…” she bit her lip, thinking. “I’ll limit our Anthro trips to our working sites.”
“Where you’ll be supervising teens instead of working,” Robert pointed out. “Shira, it’s already done. I’ve finalized the revised budget and it’s been approved. Maybe we can talk about a summer workshop for a few days duration, if we have the residual funding.”
“And you couldn’t have discussed this with me?” she fumed.
“There was nothing to discuss.” Robert got to his feet and walked around the desk, smiling in a very patronizing way. “I realize this club is your baby, but I know you’re better than this, Shira. You’re a scientist, and a good one. We need you doing more important things.”
“Such as?”
“I’m putting together a think tank. We’ll meet once a month as a group, but I plan on having some intensive one-on-ones so I can…get to know people better.” He reached out, twirling a lock of her hair around his finger. “We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.” Continue reading

Book Excerpt: A Frosty First Date For A Seasinger

Open book with space for saying, quotes, excerpts. Chat symbol. Outline.

Kai and Shira had a less than auspicious first meeting – she kicked him in the nuts, thinking he was someone else. Once he recovers, he presses the advantage of her guilt and gets her to agree to join him at a local diner for lunch.

Kai may think he’s being careful, but Shira Wen has good reason to be suspicious… Continue reading

Excerpt Tuesday: Meet Matt & Manni – Our Next Couple

Open book with space for saying, quotes, excerpts. Chat symbol. Outline.

In Windsinger, we met Manni, an Earthsinger who’s got a bad feeling about the state of the world. We also meet Matt, a trucker with a heart of gold and dog who’s one smart cookie.

We get to know them a bit better in Seasinger, and by the end of that book we set them up for book three: Earthsinger.

Here’s a little peek at the moment Manni and Matt come face-to-face…. Continue reading

Excerpt Tuesday: Some Auld Acquaintences Need To Be Forgotten


In this chapter from Seasinger, we get to watch as Grad Student Shira Wen takes on an old nemesis – one who made her undergrad life a living hell. He’s back, and worse, he’s her new boss…

“Dr. Agostino.”
Shira stepped into the office late the following afternoon, pushing the door wider and refusing when he gestured to the chair. Robert let out a gust of air that was something like an exasperated sigh, then got to his feet to step around her and close the door. She stepped away as he passed, moving back after he resumed his spot behind the desk.
“Please,” he said, gesturing at the chair again. “Sit down.”
“That’s okay. I can’t stay long.”
“I realize it’s the end of the work day, but this won’t take long.”
“I have quizzes to grade, and I’m compiling my notes from yesterday’s dig.”
“I’m aware of that,” Robert said, smiling. “Sit.”
She stared at him, arms crossed and clearly not budging.
“Do I have to remind you that your funding – and your performance review – are in my hands now?” he said, with a placating sort of smile. “You can stare daggers at me just as easily from a seated position. And we have a lot to go over.” Continue reading