KISS THE COOK is out now!


My new novella is out today!

Thanksgiving dinner is no stress when you hire a great chef–one that gives you plenty to be thankful for.

Marco is a chef hired by Amanda to rescue her from the big Thanksgiving dinner she’s hosting. Amanda’s all business, but Marco shows her the way to a woman’s heart–and bed–is paved with a great dessert.

KISS THE COOK is a delicious little story served with plenty of sizzle!

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Tidbit Tuesday: What If Santa’s What You’re Wishing For?

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In my holiday novella, Naughty or Nice, Olivia has just finished work on Christmas Eve at the mall, and with aching feet and no real plans, her holiday could really use some cheer. As always at Christmas, Santa comes through . . .

“Uuuugh…” Olivia said with a groan as they walked through the mall to the main doors. “I can’t wait to get out of these shoes.”

Jill stretched her back. “You sure you’re not coming over?”

Olivia smiled. “I’m sure.”

“Well, if you change your mind, we’re home tonight. Tomorrow we split between his parents and mine, though.”

“Thanks, but really – I’m good.” Olivia yawned, staggering a bit on her stiletto heels.

“Ho Ho Ho, ladies!” Santa’s voice rang out from the tacky foamcore gingerbread house set up in the center of the mall. Jill waved back.

“Hey Santa! Whassup?”

“Still taking requests,” he called out. “What are you wishing for?”

“Alcohol!” Jill called back. “And a foot rub for my friend, here!”

Santa looked over at Olivia. His beard obscured his face, but she could tell he was smiling.

“Is that so?” he said.

“Yeah, but give her the kind of rub that starts at the feet and works its way up!” Jill suggested, waggling her eyebrows. “Somebody needs to unwrap her under a Christmas tree, if you know what I mean.” Continue reading

Book Excerpt: Sky Woman



Sky Woman is not your usual love story. Miri finds herself kidnapped from Earth, taken to a new planet, and pursued by a family of three very determined brothers.

She’s got a lot of culture shock to get through, because things work very differently on their planet. In this scene, her friend Avi (who is a transplant as well) gives her the inside scoop on the youngest brother, Kaivan…. Continue reading

Excerpt Tuesday: An Outsmarted Hunter Makes A Formidable Foe

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In my novella, Captured by the Hunter, Jodan is an interstellar bounty hunter, sent to collect a runaway bride. Drella turns out to be a very worthy prey – and much, much more than he bargained for. In this scene, Drella used her feminine wiles to outsmart him, and he’s giving himself a mental lecture over it…

He was slipping. He’d let himself get distracted, and he had no one to blame for that but himself. It hadn’t even occurred to him that the woman could be beautiful. Or that alluring.

He’d heard stories of Inirian women, of course, but he’d dismissed a lot of it as folklore. Being a Prim, he knew first-hand how stories of sexual exploits travelled, and only very rarely did they have a smattering of truth.

He hadn’t counted on her being that beautiful. Or on her obvious attraction to him. He was there to capture her – yet she had still become aroused at his proximity to her. He couldn’t help but react.

He should have helped it. He should have known she’d have a plan to distract him.

Continue reading

Book Excerpt: Auld Lang Sin


In my latest novella, Auld Lang Sin, Lauren is an office worker who keeps to one hard and fast rule: Never date someone you work with.

Ross is determined to blur those lines, and he knows exactly how to make Lauren forget all those carefully crafted guidelines.

In this excerpt, set after their first steamy almost-went-there encounter, Ross is getting some digs in during a meeting… Continue reading

Looking For A Steamy Holiday Read? Auld Lang Sin Is Now Available!



Lauren prides herself on being a professional woman with one hard and fast rule: don’t ever date anyone you work with. That all goes to hell the minute Ross strolls in the door, with a wicked accent, a rocking body and a face chiseled by angels. Add to that his single-minded determination to get to know Lauren on a more-than-professional basis, and all her carefully crafted rules begin to blur.

From the company holiday party to a New Year’s Eve masquerade ball, Ross teases and torments until Lauren decides to sent the old year out with a bang. A really, really good bang.

Auld Lang Sin is available at Amazon for Kindle or Smashwords for all e-reading devices (or online) and for a mere $.99!

Grab yourself a cup of holiday steam and enjoy!

In Honor Of The Seeder Saga Complete Edition (Plus Bonus Novella) – Here’s An Excerpt!


In my Sci-Fi Romance Trilogy, The Seeder Saga, we follow the paths of three women from three different planets who’ve been “seeded” there by the Seeder Corps – a group of aliens who are responsible for colonizing much of the galaxy.

The women have very different stories and each learns through their own adventure that love isn’t always like you planned it to be. These are smart, fierce girls and the men are intense and sexy as hell. Three steamy reads that all come together in one epic story arc – and then you get a bonus novella set in the same universe!

And here’s an excerpt from book three, Changeling. Enjoy! Continue reading