In Honor Of The Seeder Saga Complete Edition (Plus Bonus Novella) – Here’s An Excerpt!


In my Sci-Fi Romance Trilogy, The Seeder Saga, we follow the paths of three women from three different planets who’ve been “seeded” there by the Seeder Corps – a group of aliens who are responsible for colonizing much of the galaxy.

The women have very different stories and each learns through their own adventure that love isn’t always like you planned it to be. These are smart, fierce girls and the men are intense and sexy as hell. Three steamy reads that all come together in one epic story arc – and then you get a bonus novella set in the same universe!

And here’s an excerpt from book three, Changeling. Enjoy!

Indar lay on the bed, counting the planks in the ceiling above him. There were nine across, and twenty-three running the length of the room. The shutter on the window had four planks, and the balcony wall that he could glimpse through the open doorway had six planks visible from this angle. The cover on the bed had an intricate thread design as well. Six orange threads, four blue, four white, six in a muted yellow, and then alternating white orange and yellow in single strands for sixteen lines before resuming the previous pattern.
He rolled over, punching down the pillow.
It didn’t help.
He could still hear her. She was still crying, and the sound was carrying through the open doors to the balcony. Which meant her doors were probably open, too.
He sat up. Then he stood up. And a moment later, he was walking for the door and heading out onto the balcony. He looked across at the balcony to Lizzie’s room, and decided that he could easily jump the distance, if he got a few running steps first, and with that much reasoned out, he did exactly that.
He landed a little harder than he’d planned, falling forward and then rolling to a stop. Lizzie’s crying was uninterrupted, meaning she hadn’t heard his ungainly arrival. He pushed himself up to his feet, limping slightly as he walked through her open balcony doors and over to her bed. He sat down next to where she laid face-down, putting his hand lightly on her back.
“Lizzie.” He said it softly, then again. Lizzie went still, her sobbing arrested for a moment as she dashed at her eyes with the back of her hand.
“What do you want?”
“I want to make sure you’re all right.”
“All right?” She made a choked sound, halfway between a laugh and a sob. “Do I look all right?”
She rolled over and looked up at him, and by the light of the twin moons, he could see the tears still tracking down her face.
“What kind of a man does that?” she asked, her voice cracking.
“I d-don’t even know w-who I am anymore,” she stammered.
Indar pulled back, bringing his hand up to brush her hair gently off her face.
“I know who you are,” he said. “I know.”
She stared up at him, so obviously and utterly lost, and he couldn’t stand it. His mouth came down on hers and she pulled him into her even more tightly, her fingers sliding into his hair as her lips parted to receive the first tentative touch of his tongue to hers. It didn’t take long for the kiss to take on a life of its own…

All this steam and adventure for one low price. Give the complete set a read – you’ll be fanning yourself and very glad that you did.

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