Excerpt Tuesday: An Outsmarted Hunter Makes A Formidable Foe

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In my novella, Captured by the Hunter, Jodan is an interstellar bounty hunter, sent to collect a runaway bride. Drella turns out to be a very worthy prey – and much, much more than he bargained for. In this scene, Drella used her feminine wiles to outsmart him, and he’s giving himself a mental lecture over it…

He was slipping. He’d let himself get distracted, and he had no one to blame for that but himself. It hadn’t even occurred to him that the woman could be beautiful. Or that alluring.

He’d heard stories of Inirian women, of course, but he’d dismissed a lot of it as folklore. Being a Prim, he knew first-hand how stories of sexual exploits travelled, and only very rarely did they have a smattering of truth.

He hadn’t counted on her being that beautiful. Or on her obvious attraction to him. He was there to capture her – yet she had still become aroused at his proximity to her. He couldn’t help but react.

He should have helped it. He should have known she’d have a plan to distract him.

She’d waited until he was stunned and nearly insensate from the overload of pleasure, and then she’d used the ring on him, rendering him unconscious and fleeing again. Recreating her path was going to take more time and he was already putting off an important project to finish this job.

Once he found where she’d looped out to, tracing her path would be easy. He’d put a homing signal on her ship, planting it carefully on the outside of the hull, in a protected spot near the shielding for the communications array. He wouldn’t risk tripping any security she’d set up by trying to board the ship. She’d have no idea he could track her.

He stepped into the bathing tube, stripping off his clothes as he went and slamming his hand down on the button that released the water stream. He washed quickly, still mentally berating himself. It wasn’t like him to be turned by a pretty face.

Or a pretty body.

And by all the gods of fire and water, did she have a pretty body. He was incredibly surprised and fiercely grateful when she’d walked in the door. He’d seen holopics of her, of course, but he’d half expected her to have altered her look while she was in hiding. He’d also fully expected that the pictures that had been sent to the Jad had been enhanced. The beauty captured within them was too ethereal to be real – that silvery hair, and eyes that looked entirely too large for her small, heart-shaped face.

The girl in the pics was delicate, fragile, the essence of all that was feminine and womanly.

His hand went unconsciously to his neck and he glowered again. Delicate. He made a rude sound. This girl was about as delicate as knife in the chest. Or neck.

He stepped out of the bathing tube with a disgusted sigh, dabbing the edge of a towel against the mark on his neck as he studied it again in the mirror of the crew cabin. He tilted his head to the side slightly, glancing lower, down to his shoulder, where another mark stood out – but this one he liked.


She’d sunk her teeth into his shoulder. A slow smile spread across his face as he ran his finger over the mark.

He was going to find her.

And when he did, they were going to pick up right where they’d left off. Only this time, he’d be ready for her.

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