Looking For A Steamy Holiday Read? Auld Lang Sin Is Now Available!



Lauren prides herself on being a professional woman with one hard and fast rule: don’t ever date anyone you work with. That all goes to hell the minute Ross strolls in the door, with a wicked accent, a rocking body and a face chiseled by angels. Add to that his single-minded determination to get to know Lauren on a more-than-professional basis, and all her carefully crafted rules begin to blur.

From the company holiday party to a New Year’s Eve masquerade ball, Ross teases and torments until Lauren decides to sent the old year out with a bang. A really, really good bang.

Auld Lang Sin is available at Amazon for Kindle or Smashwords for all e-reading devices (or online) and for a mere $.99!

Grab yourself a cup of holiday steam and enjoy!

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