Mark Your Calendars – The Seeder Saga Goes On Kindle Countdown Deal Jan 18th!

You read that right! Next Monday (January 18th), the entire Seeder Saga plus bonus novella is going on Kindle Countdown Deal, starting out at 50% off!!

Now’s your chance to get all three out-of-this-world novels plus a steamy hot novella all at one great price!

You can find info and excerpts here via the blog tag, and be sure to read all the Amazon and Goodreads reviews (for the series and for the individual books)! Here’s a smattering:

“New author for me, but really enjoyed this book…The 3 story lines flowed together very well and you find yourself almost through all 3 before you know it! The people were believable, the romance was STEAMY-but did not take away from the continuity of the story.”

“The books are great, the plot lines of each are individually compelling, and the enjoyment of how they tie together is the cherry on top.”

“This trilogy was brilliant, and I am amazed how much thought Britt DeLaney has put into this. Definitely worth the money, and more! Britt DeLaney never fails!”

Get ready, get set, and get your copy of The Seeder Saga complete set on Monday, January 18th!

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