Another Peek At Seasinger…


Ooooh, those eyes. And wait till you see this cover! I promise…I’ll have a reveal for you soon, but in the meantime, have a taste of Kai and Shira…

“Was that a laugh?” he asked. “First one I’ve ever heard out of you.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, clapping her hand self-consciously over her mouth. “I wasn’t expecting to see a demi-god in a frilly apron.”

“The shirt is a John Varvatos,” he said, rolling his eyes. “It probably costs more than your rent.” He scooped some eggs out of the pan. “But I like hearing it – your laugh. You’ve got a good one.”

She tucked her hair behind one ear a little nervously and reached into the cupboard above her for a couple of mugs.

“Coffee? Or tea?”

“Tea, please.”

“It’s nothing fancy. Just Lipton.”

“That’s fine,” he said. “I’m not nearly the snob you think I am.” He scooped the rest of the eggs onto his own plate, grabbed another plate full of toast and sat down across from her at the table.

“You just don’t seem like the type of guy who can cook.”

He smiled in a self-deprecating way. “This is pretty much it. I learned how to do for myself on the overnight so I don’t wake the staff.”

“So you can’t just…poof up a meal?”


“You know…magic. Wave a wand or something.”

He swallowed a forkful of eggs and she could see the exasperation warring with the humor in his eyes.

“I’m not Harry Potter. Or a demi-god. And the only things I have any power over are water, business dealings, and an interested female.”

She took a fortifying drink of her tea. “That’s quite the list. You’re awfully sure of yourself.”

His eyes met hers over the rim of his cup. “Demonstrated results, Miss Wen. Demonstrated results.”


Seasinger (Book 2 of The Elemental Destinies) breaks later this month! Stay tuned!

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