#Free Read #Friday – The Gods Must Be Caffeinated



What happens when the gods get together over coffee? Hilarity, that’s what. It’s not easy walking among mortals, but it’s even rougher having to spend an eternity with people you just can’t stand. Here’s a bit:

“Captain America,” snorted Heloha. “Like he was here first.”

“Now who’s getting pissy?” Ares asked.

“I’m just saying, I’d like a word with Stan Lee, making a white guy Captain America.”

“You should be grateful,” observed Apollo. “You could have been born like Baldur.”

“I heard that!” said a sing-song voice from a cozy chair near the window. He closed his magazine, staring pointedly at those around the table. “And what, pray tell, is wrong with being ‘born this way’?”

“I wouldn’t consider being known as “Baldur the Beautiful” to be a point of strength.” Ares smirked as he stuffed the entire muffin into his mouth.

“Well, that’s the classic interpretation. I’m more like Baldur the Fabulous now! And it’s working for me and I get what I want and you can just kiss my amazing, glowing ass.” He opened his magazine back up with a snap, dismissing them all thoroughly.


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