I Seriously Need More Hours In A Day

Passing time

One of the more frustrating things about being me right now is not having enough time to write all the books I want to be writing.

I’m having to prioritize, but if I had unlimited time to devote to this writing thing (because I had a sugar daddy to pay my bills so I didn’t have to work, a full-time nanny for the kids, and a shirtless pool boy named Javier), here’s what I’d be doing.

First, I’d finish the Elemental Series, because I’ve got a pirate series (Spinning off of Eight Nights At Sea) lined up after it and I’m really itching to get to it. I also have a contemporary rom-com kinda romance that’s been writing itself in my head and oh, is it a good story. So good.

And of course, I’m tying up a YA novel, plus another after that, and I have one more in my head and a possible start to another YA series after that.

And my Fanfic…oh, my fanfic. I used to give my fans daily updates. Daily! Now I’m lucky if I can crank one out once a week. I feel terrible about it, too.

I need to clone myself. Or win the lottery.

And maybe I’d better forget about Javier. He’d only be a distraction. Dammit.

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