In The Breathe Time

young  bored female college student studying poorly at late even

The latest round of rewrites on my second YA book are in the editor’s hands, things at the day job have finally stopped spinning out of control, a certain court-related matter having to do with fighting a traffic citation that blossomed into mammoth proportions finally got dismissed completely (yay!) and life is leveling out (I say this with a good deal of trepidation because ya never know . . .).

I’m in the breathe time, and oh, how I needed it. I feel really crappy that I’ve let Earthsinger go for so long – like I’ve really let my readers down. I’ve also let myself down – and Earthsinger was a story I was so jazzed about telling! Matt and Manni are so electric in their chemistry and so much fun to write. I’ve delved back in non-stop again and it’s coming together at last. Look for this one soon, and then the one after that (Firesinger).

And then I’ll be neck deep in my next YA novel, so I’m not promising much beyond that. I do plan to keep writing adult romance, but I’ll have to be spacing my books further apart. Once the Elemental books are done, I’ll write an accompanying novella and probably package them as a set (like I did with Seeder), so look for that by year’s end.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print at the moment. Thanks for sticking with me – being published by a big 5 publisher is a whole different ballgame than self-publishing, and it’s really been a great learning experience. I hope I can keep doing both!


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