Writing Goals? Uh . . . I Have Them Here Somewhere . . .

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That’s pretty much it, folks. This year, I need to get shit done. With my YA books blowing my free time out of the water, I have been crazy behind on all my romance writing projects to the point of acute personal humiliation and embarrassment. Seriously.

I meant to have the Elemental Series entirely behind me by now, and publish a few more novellas, but wow. Just . . . wow. Being traditionally published is such an ordeal compared to self-pub, and it’s been a real learning process. A good one, believe me, but it’s been a slog. I think I have a handle on it all now, I’ve learned some critical time-management skills, and I’m ready to get back in the saddle again.

So this year, no crazy over-reaching goals. Here’s what I’m going for:

  1. Finish EARTHSINGER (finally!)
  2. Finish FIRESINGER (finally!)
  3. Release boxed set of The Elemental Destinies that includes a bonus novella based on a “Twixter” introduced in EARTHSINGER (His name is Keb, and damn, is he hot).
  4. I will continue to recap episodes of Once Upon A Time, but I don’t see me being able to throw any fanfic that way anytime soon. Maybe a one-off short if I can manage, but no promises.
  5. Write a Thanksgiving-based novella and complete a box set for holiday novellas
  6. Outline (and hopefully get a good start on my long-awaited sequel to EIGHT NIGHTS AT SEA – that’s right! You finally get Aven’s story!

That’s it. It’s probably more than I can get to, but I’m going to give it my best shot. Come hell or high water, I’m finishing The Elemental Destinies, at the very least. You guys have been waiting long enough, and the characters are so ready to burst off a page. I love them all so much.

I want to thank all of you who’ve been so very patient with my backlog, who’ve gone and bought my YA novels, and who’ve commented and Tweeted and Facebooked and Tumblred your encouragement. You’re the greatest readers in the world and I’m so very fortunate to have you – thanks for everything!

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