Holiday Heat

HOLIDAY HEAT is my new novella collection of six holiday-themed novellas and the perfect thing to keep you warm in chilly weather!

The set includes:







Available now on exclusively on Kindle/Kindle Unlimited!


Seven Dark Treasures


This book has been literal years in the making, and it’s finally out in the world – and what a journey it’s been.

It all began in 2014, when, on a total whim, I wrote my first ever fanfic. I didn’t expect it to be received well, to be honest. I only used one character from the hit show, set him in an entirely different world outside of the show, and gave him a whole new love interest. I wrote the first installment, went to bed, and the next day when I remembered to check on it, I had over a hundred great reviews!

I was thrilled everyone liked the story that had captured so many waking moments in my mind, and twenty-something chapters later, I typed “The End,” and I realized I had done something I’d never done before: I wrote a book. 58,000 words, with a beginning, a middle, an end, character arcs, reveals, reversals, and a whole lot of steam and humor.

The story had over 1200 good reviews on and Archive of Our Own, and I realized that with some tweaking, I could easily publish it. So I pulled the story down, renamed and retooled my main character into the delightful Zephyr Jamieson, left the rest of the tale pretty much as it was, and that became EIGHT NIGHTS AT SEA.

Not long after the book was out, I started getting emails and tweets and Facebook messages asking when I was going to release Aven’s story. Readers fell in love with Rina’s twin brother and his magical heart–but i was neck-deep in THE SEEDER SAGA, so I put it on a backburner. Then I got flooded with other ideas, landed a traditional publishing contract (in YA) with a big five publisher, and poor Aven never got his chance.

Things have evened out a bit for me, time-wise, and Aven took over my thoughts and smacked me around, demanding I finally get his story told. He’d waited long enough to find Meriel–and I know you’re all going to love her.

She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s sarcastic, and she’s a badass with a set of daggers. Together, they go an an epic quest to end her curse and finally win Aven a voice.

And of course, we’ll catch up with Zephyr & Rina, as well. So climb aboard, and get ready for an adventure with SEVEN DARK TREASURES!

Cover Reveal for BLOOM

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🎆 TA DA! 🎆

Here it is, the cover of my next novella, BLOOM. This will be the start of a series of novellas themed by the four seasons. When Briony finds an old amulet in the jewelry her grandmother left her, she finds herself magically transported into adventure.

Breaking on 3/19 – the first day of Spring! 🌼

New free read! Check out FLY

Happy man

FLY is a story I wrote many years ago for a writing contest I was taking part in. It’s a  story about a boy named David who needs to find the courage to take a big leap.

FLY is one of my shorter short stories, but I’ve always loved how this one turned out.

Take a moment and make that leap with David. FLY is available for download to any e-reading device, and may also be read online at Smashwords.


At Long Last . . . EARTHSINGER!

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I’m very, very pleased to announce that EARTHSINGER is out today!

I know, I know . . . it’s been a long time coming. I was two books into The Elemental Destinies when I landed my YA book(s) deal with MacMillan, and getting those books to print ate my life for awhile. Traditional Publishing is a whole different beast, and taming it (while holding down a full-time day job and raising a couple of kids on my own) left room for little else.

Then I hit a major health crisis that hospitalized me for a month and ate the better part of a year in physical rehabilitation.

In short, it’s been a long, hard haul–but I got here. I’m fiercely proud of EARTHSINGER, and while my current YA novel is making the rounds on submission, I’m working hard on FIRESINGER, the culmination of the series, with an anticipated launch date of June 2020.

To those of you still with me–thanks! I have a few things in the pipeline for next year that I’m really excited about. 2020 will have some great things in store. For now, enjoy Manni and Matt as they bicker and snark and steam up the pages.

KISS THE COOK is out now!


My new novella is out today!

Thanksgiving dinner is no stress when you hire a great chef–one that gives you plenty to be thankful for.

Marco is a chef hired by Amanda to rescue her from the big Thanksgiving dinner she’s hosting. Amanda’s all business, but Marco shows her the way to a woman’s heart–and bed–is paved with a great dessert.

KISS THE COOK is a delicious little story served with plenty of sizzle!

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New Novella Coming Nov 5th!


Meet Marco! He’s a sizzling chef and he’s been hired by Amanda to rescue her from the big Thanksgiving dinner she’s hosting. Amanda’s all business, but Marco shows her the way to a woman’s heart–and bed–is paved with a great dessert.

KISS THE COOK is out on November 5th!