Want To Give A Gift That Really Sizzles? How About Eight Nights At Sea?

Zephyr Jamieson is a devilishly handsome pirate captain, sailing the seas of a magical realm. He encounters a beauty named Rina, a woman with a body that sets him aflame and a secret that she cannot tell. Rina barters passage aboard Zephyr’s ship for herself and her secretive twin brother with the only thing the pirate captain appears to be interested in. Can eight nights at sea lead to more? Or will her secret tear them apart? This book contains strong, detailed sexual content and is not suitable for readers under 17.

eightnightsatsea2500 (1)

This holiday, give a gift that will keep someone warm (oh, sooooo warm) on a cold winter’s night. Give them eight sultry nights at sea with a sarcastic and naughty pirate! Eight Nights At Sea is available through Kindle Direct Publishing at Amazon.com!

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