Santa Grants Naughty Wishes, Too…

Or at least he does in my books. Check out my latest adult novella, “Naughty or Nice” on Amazon or Smashwords!

Fine art photo of a woman's butt

And don’t forget to check out the Once Upon A Time Episode Recaps page I’ve added to the top menu. I started these with season 4, but I’m working on retro-reviewing over the holidays. I’d also like to give a shout-out to my favorite episode recaps, found on this awesome Tumblr blog!

In addition, I didn’t link it on the Fanfic page (I only link completed stories there)  but my current Once Upon A Time fic, “Friendly Shores” is going strong. I usually update every couple of days, and sometimes daily, if I’m in the mood. This one is all about role reversals, and it’s turning into great fun!

See? I’ve got plenty to keep you warm when the weather turns cold…

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