How Do You Market A Story That Straddles Two Different Ends Of The Spectrum?


When I first wrote “Sky Woman,” I had a really, really hard time pitching this book through traditional channels. Oh, don’t get me wrong – every editor I sent it to loved the damn book. They loved the characters, they loved the steam, they loved the science fiction, and most of all, they loved the way they were completely gobsmacked by one of the plot hooks.

And therein lies the rub…

That very plot hook is what makes my story “not your usual steamy sci-fi romance” material. By the same token, despite the interesting and adventurous direction the plot takes, this is very much a story about love and relationship and commitment within the romance.

I can’t really explain in detail why that is (so as not to spoil the book) but suffice it to say, after each editor waxed poetic about how amazing this book was, it was almost always followed by “I just really don’t know where I’m going to put it.”

So they wanted me to change it, make it more mainstream. Or they wanted me to add in some extra scenes, things that involved more swinging-type behaviors, group scenes, intense BDSM, etc.

I couldn’t do it.

And it’s not because I don’t like those things – they just weren’t this book. There’s more than enough going on here, and due to the nature of Miri and her situation, those things wouldn’t necessarily make sense within the framework of the story. All they’d do is give the publisher the page fodder they need to put the book more comfortably into their pre-arranged category.

So after turning down two different editors (one at a pretty big online erotica site), I decided to go it alone, and I’m glad I did. Sky Woman turned out to be a story that I’m fiercely proud of.

Now if I could just figure out how to talk about the story without giving too much away…

So buy my book. It’s got a really unique premise, lots of hot sex (and I mean LOTS), humor, science fiction, and fun.

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