Welcome To Tease Week, Everybody! Here’s A Taste Of “Sky Woman”


In anticipation of the pending release of Changeling: Book Three of the Seeder Saga, I’ve decided to spend the week teasing the hell out of you with bits and pieces of the first two novels. Today, you get a tiny taste of Miri’s world in “Sky Woman.”

What happens when you land on a planet where you’re an extremely valued commodity? And what happens when three gorgeous men decide they’re going to win you? Steam. That’s what happens…

Miri leaned back, stretching her legs out in front of her and trying to shake some feeling back into them. It was late, and she should probably head inside herself, but it was such a beautiful night. The stars were brilliant, and the sight of the moons shining on the water was amazing. She stared out at the sea, feeling the breeze lift her hair, lost in her thoughts until she noticed that she wasn’t alone.

Lunan stood just off to the side of her, his back against the large tree that Avi told her was called a natan. He stepped out, offering her his hand so that she could gain her feet. She thanked him as he pulled her up, but he wasn’t about to let her get away that easily.


She froze a moment as his head began its descent, and turned her face away before he could settle those lips on her and confuse the hell out of her. He paused midway down, considering her from under his semi-closed lids. He didn’t stop – he merely altered his trajectory.

Oh, God…he moved his lips to her neck as his hands slid up to hold her upper arms. She pressed on his chest half-heartedly, partly because it was useless against his size and partly because she couldn’t think straight with his warm, full lips moving slowly, artfully down the line of her neck. He nosed the edge of her shift out of the way and stopped to plant small, sucking kisses lightly on the top of her shoulder.

She opened her mouth to tell him—what was she going to tell him? It was very hard to think now that his mouth was moving back up again. The feel of his breath grazing her ear sent a jolt down her spine that moved her hips forward. That was all he needed.

His mouth came down on hers and at the same time, he maneuvered her around, pushing her gently back into the tree behind her. He kissed her with a slow, building determination, his tongue sliding in and out just past her teeth. She let out a low sound in her throat as he continued his sensuous torture, and the moment he heard it, he responded by deepening the kiss and pushing himself tighter into her. Miri’s hands moved up to his shoulders as his slid lower,pulling her into him, rocking her against his hips. She lost herself in the feel of him and the heat of his body against her.

Slowly, very slowly, he lifted his mouth from hers. He stared at her, taking in her dazed eyes and her rapid breath. His own eyes blazed in response as he murmured:

“M’ lai’a tua.”

She knew enough of their language to understand him, and he knew that.

M’ lai’a tua. I want you.

She couldn’t give him the answer she really needed to give, not with what she knew of their language. Worst of all, she couldn’t even deny the same to him. He could feel the responses he’d pulled out of her body. She most certainly did want him back.

If I say “I want you, but I don’t ‘want you’ want you, would he understand that? She doubted it.

She finally said the only thing she could think of, and she probably butchered it pretty badly.

“M’ nata ule.” I don’t know.

He stared at her for a moment, and with a short nod, he stepped back. She moved to walk around him, and his hand trailed down the length of her arm as she went, as if to remind her that her body knew all too well what it wanted.

He watched her go, and if his brothers had been observing the scene, they might have told her to prepare herself. Lunan wore a look of determination they had seen many, many times before—just never associated with a woman.

And when he wore that look, Lunan always got what he wanted.


It only gets better from there, I assure you. And that’s only one of her suitors. Wait till you meet the other two…

Intrigued? Check out the book! Sky Woman is available at Amazon.

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