FanFic Friday: Here’s An Excerpt From “Friendly Shores”


Once again, it’s FanFic Friday as we barrel into the weekend, excited as hell that Once Upon A Time is back of hiatus. Hallelujah!!


And in celebration of that, let’s drop in on Killian and Emma via my fanfic “Friendly Shores.” In Friendly Shores, something has turned the world upside down, and everyone has been thrown into a new persona. In this scene, we have flirtatious Pirate Emma (a.k.a. “The Black Swan”) and  Killian in disguise as a prince. He’s dodging Emma’s advances because he’s still very much himself and knows that when Emma gets her real memories restored, she’ll kill him if he’s taken advantage. It makes for some fun, sexy, stressful moments….like this one.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I’ve had some dealings with people from this land,” Killian supplied, gesturing for Robin to sit back down. He slid into the booth next to Emma. “I wasn’t expecting it to be here, however.”

“Were you able to find the compass?” Robin asked.

Killian shook his head. “Not yet. But I believe we might…uh…might know where it is.” His eyes slid sideways to Emma, who blinked at him owlishly, the picture of complete innocence…all except for the hand she’d just slid onto his thigh under the table.

“Yeah, we’re looking,” Emma said to Robin, “But’s it’s just so hard.” She punctuated the word by sliding her hand further over, right onto Killian’s crotch and giving it a friendly squeeze. “We’re hoping we can get in on the inside,” she continued. “There’s definitely a need to go deeper. Much deeper.”

She squeezed again and Killian’s eyes narrowed, promising retribution. She held his gaze, and her smirk promised that she’d like that retribution.A lot.

Killian casually slid his hook under the table, looping it over her arm and replacing her hand on her own leg. Emma rolled her eyes and ate some more pancakes.

“We believe the compass may be in the possession of The Dark One,” Killian said. “He’s known by another name here.”

Robin’s eyes widened. “The Dark One! I’ve heard the legends, of course, but…he exists? He actually exists?”

“Oh, he exists, all right.” Emma’s voice turned hard. “And you’d better come up with a plan in the next thirty seconds, or I’m going after him myself. I’m tired of waiting around.”

“Perhaps a diversion?” Robin suggested. “If we could find an armory – ”

“No.” Killian stared at Robin. “No – not swords. We’d be better off with something different.”

Robin looked at him quizzically. “What do you suggest?”

“I don’t know,” Emma interjected, licking the pancake syrup off her fork with a swirling tongue. “I like the good, hard thrust of a sword.” She glanced up at Killian, smiling placidly.

Killian took in a breath, trying to keep a leash on his growing temper. His arm shot out, grabbing Will Scarlet as he walked past and nearly causing him to drop a tray of pancakes and eggs.

“Oi!” Will protested.

“Get me Smee.” Killian’s voice was a growl, as Will shook his arm off.

“All right,” he said. “Don’t get your knickers in a twist.” He set the plates down at a nearby table, and headed off to the back. Mr. Smee rushed through the doors a moment later.

“Captain? You needed to see me?”

“Captain?” Robin questioned.

“I have ship now, remember?” Killian said.

“Not for long,” Emma grumbled under her breath. Killian raised a brow and gave her a look and she stared back, stoney-faced.

“Mr. Smee,” Killian continued. “Where in town might we find a bow?”

“A bow, sir? Probably the hardware store. That would be your best bet.”

“A bow?” Robin looked skeptical.

“Trust me.”

Robin nodded, then turned his attention to Smee. “I don’t suppose you have a room I can use for a short time? It was a long climb, and I’d love a bath.”

“There’s a shower in my room,” Killian said. “It’s like a bath but you remain standing.”

Robin shrugged. “I’ll manage.”

Killian passed him the room key. “Just down the hall, second door on the left.”

“Thanks. I’ll be back shortly.” He gave Emma a nod and took his leave. Killian signalled Mr. Smee for some pancakes and then moved to take Robin’s seat, opposite Emma.

“Running away, are we?” she said, smirking over the top of her coffee cup.

He leaned in, lowering his voice. “You have got to get a grip on yourself.”

“I was getting a grip,” she purred. “Didn’t you like it?”


“Or would you rather I paid attention to this?” She reached across the table, stroking his hook with caressing fingers. “This could be fun…”

“Emma.” His voice bit out a warning.

“Calm down, loverboy,” she said, rolling her eyes.

Will Scarlet chose that moment to arrive with the pancakes.

“Trouble in paradise?” he asked Emma.

She opened her mouth to answer him, but Killian talked right over her.

“Get out.”

“I work here,” Will reminded him.

Killian reached up, gripping Will’s collar in his fist and pulling his face down to eye level. “Not today, you don’t.” His eyes held Will’s and Will slowly straightened up.

“I suppose I could use a bit of time off,” he said. “I’ll just…see myself out.”

“Do that.” Killian dismissed him, digging into his pancakes. They ate in silence for several tense minutes.

Finally, Emma pushed her plate aside and sat back in the booth with a sigh.

“You are seriously no fun,” she said. “No one with a face like that should be such a total waste of time.”

Killian paused with his fork halfway to his mouth and gave her a look. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means I’m done here,” Emma said, sliding out of the booth. “I’ve got better places to be.”

“Wait!” Killian called, following her down the hallway. “Where do you think you’re going?”

She didn’t stop walking. “I’m going to get my stuff, and then I’m getting out of here. I’ve got things I need to do, and apparently, you’re not one of them.”

She put the key in her door and had just started to open it when Killian pushed her inside and shut it behind him.

“Now you listen to me,” he said, backing her up as he spoke. Emma’s legs hit the side of the bed and she went down on her back. Killian kept right on going, bringing himself down on top of her. Emma’s eyes widened and her mouth parted slightly, her breathing accelerating as he brought his face close to hers.

“You are far from done with me, love,” he said in a low, crooning voice. “I have plans for us.”

“Oh you d- ”

“Shush.” He put a finger to her lips before going on. “I have many, many plans for us, and some of them involve that succulent body in all sorts of exhausting, ecstasy-inducing positions. I’m going to kiss you and stroke you and rub and touch and inflame you until you are a vibrating mass of sensation, reduced to your basest, most animal urges. I’m going to have you whimpering, sobbing, screaming your pleasure and when you’re done, I’m going wrap my fist in your hair, drive myself deep, and start all over again.”

He tangled his fingers in her hair, pulling gently as his lips brushed hers. “We’re going to burn together, you and I. I swear to you, Emma, we’re going to incinerate from the force of it.”

His lips finally settled on hers, and true to his words, she let out a whimper when his mouth pulled away from hers to move on her neck, sucking and pulling at her skin, licking and trailing fire while he pressed his body against her. He kissed her once more, lingeringly, then he pulled away again. They were both breathing harshly, and Emma finally found her voice.

“Let me guess…that time isn’t now.”

He gave her a slight smile and brushed his lips against hers. “No, love, it’s not. I wish it could be. You can’t imagine how badly.”

“Well don’t suffer too long,” she said, reaching up to push the hair off his forehead. “I like you, Killian, but I get bored easy.”

He pushed himself to his feet, offering her a hand up. The sound of a door opening and closing again alerted them both that Robin was done with his shower and most likely looking for them.

“We’d better get him before he leaves,” Emma said.

“You’re right.”

She walked over to the door and had just grabbed the knob when his voice stilled her hand.


She glanced back over her shoulder. “Yeah?”

“I’ll see that you don’t get bored in the meantime. I promise.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You can read “Friendly Shores” on or Archive of our Own.

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