Coming To Print – Someday In Dublin!


Take a good look at the cover, because it’s only going to be teasing you for a little while longer. I’ve decided to take Someday In Dublin to print!

And that means I really, really need a good, professional-grade cover. My mock up might be fine for an e-book, but if I’m going to be asking people to pay print-on-demand prices, they deserve the best I can make it, from the inside out.

Colleen at Mystique Book Designs is hard at work on my cover (she did the covers of my Seeder Saga novels as well as the amazing cover for my YA book) and it’s looking terrific! Can’t wait to show you the finished design when it’s ready!

As of right now, I’m planning to launch the book within the next two to three weeks — I was hoping for an April launch originally, but I just landed a paying writing gig that’s slowing me down a bit – and I’ve gotten some beta-reader feedback that I’m digesting as well.

And of course, along with the print-on-demand package, the book will also be offered as an e-book through both Smashwords and Amazon.

I appreciate all your patience – I promise, it’ll be worth the wait!!

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