And This Is Why You Always Order A Hard Copy Proof Of Your Printed Book


Yes, that’s the print copy proof of Someday In Dublin, held in my hot little hand. Oh, it’s marvelous!

And it’s f**ked up.

Something in the conversion process went awry – I’m not sure what because the template is letter perfect – and the first four chapters have double-spacing between the paragraphs. I don’t know why and they don’t know why and we don’t know why. And I caught two little typos that somehow slipped by me before. Ugh.

So I need to powow with the CreateSpace team, whose suggestion is to change to a different size format and see if that makes a difference. Which is fine because I’d rather have a standard paperback size – this is a bit big for a good beach read size, I think.

The cover looks beautiful, though. No pixelation, no blurring – it’s just lovely.

So…..bottom line is that the print version will be delayed another week to two weeks. Sorry, but I can’t put it out there without it being awesome in all ways.

In the meantime, I’m halfway through the next project – a steamy, sexy, toe-curling novella. Here’s a little peek…



Just you wait….

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