Another Excerpt From “Someday In Dublin” – Don’t Piss Off The Leprechauns!

Someday in Dublin

In Someday in Dublin, Michael and Amy take a tour of the countryside and do a little shopping. Amy is determined to pick up a few certain things from her list.

“What do you think of these?’ she asked, holding up a pair of odd-looking girl and boy leprechaun salt and pepper shakers.

“I think they’re horrid,” he said. “You don’t plan to pay money for those, do you?”

“They’re not much money. And I think they’re cute.”

“The pepper leprechaun looks rather wonky. Her leprechaun breasts are uneven.”

She gave him a look. “Leave it to a man to focus on leprechaun breasts. Fine. I’ll put them back.”

“I’m only codding ya,” he said. “Buy them if you’d like.”

“I can’t look at the pepper without seeing her freaky boobs now.”

“Then buy them,” he said, “But I get to keep the wonky one.”

“Deal.” She strolled back over to the counter, putting the salt and pepper shakers and a sweater down to pay for them.


“Yes, luv?”

“Where can I find Poteen? And a Cadbury Crisp?”

He raised his brows and gave her a concerned look. “Poteen?”

“The home brewed kind,” she specified.

He shook his head. “Not easily found,” he said, “Unless you know of someone personally who distills it. You can find commercial brands in the shops, though, as well as your Cadbury Crisp. Do they not have those in America?”

“No. And I guess the commercial stuff will do. It’s the spirit of the thing that counts.”

“Aye. And Poteen is most definitely a spirit,” he agreed. “Stay with the commercial brand. You may not have teeth left after a quaff of home-brewed Poteen.”

She raised a brow and gave him a saucy look. “That might come in handy. The lack of teeth.”

Michael gave her a look that said she had his full attention. “Really now?”

He reached for her to pull her close, but Amy ducked under his arm with a laugh. Then she looked back over her shoulder, with a flirty smile.

“Anticipation,” she said. “It’s all about anticipation…”

If you’d like to read more of Michael and Amy’s banter (and other – ahem – escapades) check out Someday In Dublin at Amazon!

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