Are You Ready For An Adventure? Title Reveal For The First Novel Of The Elemental Series! #amwriting #writing


Her name is Cecy, and she’s got a very special gift.

She’s also going to introduce you to a very interesting group of people who call themselves the “Twixters.” Twixters live among us, and are so named because they’re the direct product of a human who has a dalliance with one of the powerful race of “Elemental” magical people who help control the Earth, Air, Fire and Water….and mankind’s destiny, while they’re at it.

Cecy is part Air Elemental, and even a little more unique than that amongst the Twixters (can’t tell you her secret – that would be a spoiler!). Brad sees her in action and finds himself both confused and intrigued by this wispy slip of a woman. He soon gets caught up, not just in Cecy, but in a whole world he never knew existed, and together he and Cecy find themselves a part of a larger, more powerful destiny.

So get ready for novel one of the Elemental Destiny Series:

~  WindSinger  ~

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