Sail Away To A Magical Realm In Eight Night At Sea #FridayReads #GoodReads #Romance


Looking for a good beach read? Or a good read, period? Take a trip out to sea for eight steamy nights with a pirate named Zephyr and a magical stowaway named Rina.

When Zeph finds Rina and her secretive brother hiding in the hold of his ship, they strike a bargain. She wants to get across the sea, and he wants her. Their journey takes them through dangers and discoveries that you can only expect in a realm where magic is a fact of life.

Along the way you’ll be laughing, blinking back an occasional tear, and squirming in your seat as the steam they generate nearly sets the sails afire. Take a voyage into adventure and erotic romance with Eight Nights At Sea – exclusively on Kindle and out in print by the end of this month!

From the Reviews:

“I absolutely loved everything about this book.”

“The details wrap around your heart and pull you in.”

“The shock of what the secrets were was surprising, not expecting it at all!”

“This book will blow your mind!”

You can read some excerpts here, and here, and here.

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