Gotta Get My Head In The Game #amwriting #writing


Great, now I’ve got Zach Efron singing in my brain. And doing….other things.

Okay, I can work with this.

Except I’m not writing about sex and steam right now. I’ve got a mystery to weave, and these next two chapters are critical. I’ve got a freaking spreadsheet full of details and I’ve charted out approximately which book and where within each book we find them in this 4-book story arc, and dammit, I don’t want to miss or overstate a one of them. They must be subtle.

And then my characters can have some sex.

Work first, then play.

Same for this author, so Netflix and I have to break up for a little while so I can get this done.

The sacrifices we make…

And Windsinger will be worth it – I promise!

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