What Happens When You Meet A Windsinger? Here’s A Glimpse: #amwriting #writing


“You want to know me?” Cecy asked.

“Yes. Very much.”

The sun was nearly all the way down now, and the shadows had deepened into all-out darkness in places. The stars were beginning to emerge faintly in the sky.

“Then listen,” she said simply. And then she crossed her legs and gracefully sank down right at the edge of the butte, looking out over the desert.

Brad approached and carefully sat down beside her. She looked as though she were meditating, and he didn’t want to disturb her. Cecy had her palms down on her thighs, and the breeze was lifting her hair, pushing it back and leaving it trailing behind her.

Then she tilted her face up to the stars, and she began to sing.

A short intake of breath and his slightly parted lips were all that Brad could manage to convey his surprise. He felt as though he were incapable of movement, even though the world seemed to be whirling around him.

The song wasn’t in English – in fact, there were no words at all. Her voice lifted and carried in the breeze, surrounding him, moving through him – the air was charged as though lightening had hit the ground somewhere, humming and alive and all around him.

And the song, oh the song. Deep and driving and tearing into him, the pain and the anguish of it. He managed to focus his eyes on Cecy, and her face was a study in agony, tears slipping down her cheeks as she shook with the force of what she was unleashing….

Intrigued? You haven’t seen anything yet. Windsinger is due out at summer’s end – watch for it!

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