Eight Nights At Sea Is Now Available In Paperback! Check It Out! #romance #fantasy #goodreads


It’s finally here! And I’m holding it in my hot little hand!

Seriously, it’s about a thousand degrees outside and my A/C is broken, so my hand is hot. Very hot.

But not as hot as this book! If you like pirates – sexy, sarcastic pirates, and sensuous girls with a serious secret, if you like families that stick together and magical creatures and dastardly villains, if you like romance and heartache and sex so steamy the sheets melt off the bed, then this book is for you.

And if you like the old school feel of paper in your hands, your (pirate) ship has come in.

You can order your paperback copy of “Eight Nights At Sea” via Createspace, for now, but it should be appearing on Amazon within the next 24 hours or so.

Meanwhile, I’m I’ve completed Windsinger and it’s edit time! Not long now…and you’re going to love it! Back to work for me!

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