WINDSINGER Is Available For Pre-Order! Here’s A Final Excerpt!! #goodreads #romance #kindle #amwriting

Windsinger Cov

Only three more days until you meet the Elementals and the Twixters – magical creatures embodying the elements of earth, air, fire and water.

In this scene, Brad and Cecy have spent a night in each other’s arms, only to find their lazy morning upended by the arrival of her mother, an air elemental:

The door flew open, crashing against the wall. Brad rolled Cecy beneath him as a gust of wind sent the covers on the bed and the window curtains flapping.
She was struggling beneath him, trying to get free as he turned to face the threat.
“Let…me…up!” she huffed, finally managing to get out from under him and disentangle herself from the covers.
“Cecy, wait! You –”

The words stopped in his throat as he watched the wind swirl and coalesce, taking form in front of him. The woman was beautiful – perhaps only a few years older than Cecy, with hair so blonde it was white and mild grey eyes. She appeared to be in constant motion – moving in tiny increments but in a very fluid manner. He realized he was holding his breath in, but he was also having trouble breathing normally.
“Mother,” Cecy called out, climbing off the bed.
“Beloved…” Sidhe flowed around her, lifting her daughter’s hair and soothing her skin. “You are well…”
Cecy smiled back over her shoulder. “He took good care of me.”
“Thank you,” Sidhe breathed.
“Don’t mention it.” Brad was suddenly acutely aware that he was completely naked. He pulled the covers up around himself.
“We need to talk,” Sidhe said to her daughter. “I would know what you have learned.”
Cecy looked back at Brad – who was still finding it hard to breathe – and suggested that she speak with her mother outside.
Sidhe flowed out the doorway and Cecy followed, scooping up her dress from the floor as she went.
Brad sank back in the bed, running a hand over his face.
He’d just met a magical, immortal creature.
Stark naked.
Worse, he’d just met his girlfriend’s mother.
Stark naked.
Stellar work, Wilder, he thought. So much for making a good first impression.

Windsinger is available for pre-order in both print and eBook, and launches on Friday, September 25th!!

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