So You’ve Started A New Series….What Can We Expect?

EDlogoWindsinger is finally out (print and electronic), and of course, this is the grand opening of my new series, The Elemental Destinies. In book one, you meet most of the players for the four book series – with one exception.

I’ve had a few of you ask me who’s going to end up with who, and that’s a question I don’t mind answering. Book two is already set for our Seasinger, Kai – he’s got a prominent part in book one, as does our Earthsinger, Manni. There’s a great rapport between the two of them because Kai is such a straight-laced Alpha male and Manni is a sarcastic, ballsy chick who doesn’t easily put up with guys like that. They also have a bit of history that has yet to be told.

But they’re not meant for each other – they’ve got bigger and better waiting for both of them. For Kai, that’s Shira – also a woman with a strong mind but a very different demeanor that will ignite Kai in ways he’s never experienced before – you know what they say…it’s always the quiet ones that fool you. And for Manni, she’ll be meeting Matt in book three, and with his Italian temper and his MMA fighter background and her snarky attitude, you can bet the sparks are going to fly.

That brings us to our Firesinger – the only one who has yet to be revealed and that’s by design. You can imagine fire is a force to be reckoned with, and it’s going to take a very, very special someone to match that power and volatility. And when they all come together, along with Brad and his Windsinger, Cecy – it’s going to be nothing less than full-on cataclysmic. Promise.

So that’s the rough rundown of the pairings – the how and the why of each and the way they all fit together to solve this mystery is something you’ll just have to strap in and take the ride for.  You won’t be disappointed!

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