Book Excerpt Tuesday: Sky Woman Brings The Steam

In my book, Sky Woman, Miranda “Miri” Reynolds finds herself suddenly on another planet, being wooed hard by a trio of brothers who want her for their own. Luckily, she’s found another transplant, a guy by the name of Avi, who’s schooling her in language and culture but isn’t about to get between the brothers and their goal…

Her lessons with Avi began the next morning. Lunan had released him from most of his duties and increased his pay by a huge sum for his service as translator and teacher. He was their staff veterinarian, for lack of a better term, and worked with the stabled animals as well as the large amount of livestock held by house Falenua. They also owned vast amounts of open game land, and he monitored ecological and predator-related situations there as they arose.
“So you’re their version of the local game warden?” Miri remarked, as they walked out into the garden after breakfast.
“Something like that. Basically, if it has to do with animals, I’m their go-to guy.” Avi replied.
“Sorry to get you demoted.” Miri said with a grimace.
“You’re not a demotion, Miri. It would be an honor for anyone to get to teach a Sky Woman. And it’s so nice to talk to someone from home again.”
“I know.” Miri impulsively gave him a hug and felt the exact moment that Lunan walked up behind them – Avi had stiffened instantly as Lunan pulled Miri back gently by the shoulder.
Miri rolled her eyes. “Hello, Lunan,” she said, giving him an irritated look. “Honestly,” she said, turning to Avi. “Does he think he owns me? Even if I’d said yes last night – and I didn’t—“ She glared at Lunan – “I’d still be hugging you. Is this how he’s going to be from now on?”
“He’ll calm down, Miri. He’s just protecting his interests, and from the look of him, you are definitely an interest.“
“Great,” said Miri, with saccharin sweetness. “Then for my first lesson, tell me how to say ‘Go away.’”
“Do I look stupid?” Avi asked, raising his palms to her.
Miri looked pointedly down at Lunan’s hand on her shoulder. “Then tell him he needs to learn to back off when a woman doesn’t want his hands on her.”
Avi looked reluctant, but translated for her. Lunan’s eyes tightened as he brought his hand up to cup her face. She stared at him mulishly, and he responded by slowly rubbing his thumb across her lower lip, as if to remind her of her own response to him the night before. Oh, she remembered all right. Then he quirked his eyebrow, turned and walked away.

Miri soon learns that Lunan is a force to be reckoned with, but Lunan also learns that Miri gives as good as she gets – both in attitude and in the bedroom.

Sky Woman is the first book of my trilogy, The Seeder Saga, and is available at Amazon for Kindle. I’m also very pleased to announce that it (and all the books of the Seeder Saga) will be coming soon to print! Stay tuned for details!

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