Book Excerpt: Someday In Dublin #romance

“Took you long enough, luv.”
Michael’s voice, cloudy with sleep, reached her as she stepped quietly back into the bedroom.
“Sorry to wake you,” she said. “I guess I’ve finally adjusted to the time change. I was wide awake so I figured I’d get a shower.”
He gestured to the cat sitting on his chest. “You left me here with no one but a cat for company and now she’s taken over.”
Amy sat down on the side of the bed, reaching out a hand to rub the cat gently between the ears.
“So she finally decided to come out?’
“As soon as she saw that you were gone,” he noted. “You took her side of the bed, you know.”
“Sorry about that,” she said to the cat. “What’s her name, anyway?”
Michael propped himself up as best he could with a cat that wasn’t budging.
“I call her Useless.”
“Well, there’s not much point to naming a cat at all, is there?” he pointed out. “They don’t come every time you call them. Cats do as they bloody well please.”
As if sensing her master’s insult, Useless jumped down off the bed in a huff, tail held high, and flounced out the door.
“What time is it, anyway?” he asked. “It’s still dark outside.”
“That’s because it’s pouring rain. Not exactly a good beach day,” she glanced out the window ruefully. “I borrowed your robe. I hope you don’t mind.”
“I don’t mind,” he said, reaching for her. “Easy on, easy off.”
Michael slipped his hand inside the front of the robe, sliding it off of her, then pulled her down on the bed, finger-combing her hair and trailing the strands down across her breasts. Amy shivered slightly in response.
“Now then,” he said, raising a brow and looking down at her intently. “Where did I leave off last night? I think the count was three…”

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