Sometimes You Just Go Where Your Libido Takes You

Close up picture of sensual lips

So I haven’t written a novella in a while – mostly due to other projects I’ve been working on. I’m hard at work with Seasinger (due out early 2016), as well as a Rom/Com project that overtook my brain, and then there’s the work on the YA novel (under my other pen name) because that’s the big time major publishing deal and it gets priority.

But this weekend, the muse whispered many dark and lovely things, and before I knew it I was writing a novella.

I’m polishing it up and it’ll be out (hopefully) by the end of the week. And as with all my novellas, it’s short (10k-ish in word count), cheap ($.99) and right to the steamy point. Not much room for building a romance in ten thousand words, so this is pure, smoldering sex with a plotline to weave it all together.

This one is New Year’s Eve-themed, so pour yourself a cool drink and get ready for:

Auld Lang Sin

Can you see me making devilish eyes? ‘Cause I’m totally making devilish eyes. Oh, yes I am.

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