Resource Thursday: Agents, Agents, Agents


Finding an agent is a painful, demoralizing, frustrating thing. I had my book in hand and a spreadsheet tracking queries for nearly a year of my exasperated writer life before I won a contest that won me a book deal that finally, finally got me an agent. Until then? UUuuggghhhh.

Here are a few resources that might be a big help to you on your agent search:

Seven established agents currently looking for writers

Writer’s Digest offers a list of agents looking for authors

Hang out at #MSWL  #PitchSlam or #QueryTip on Twitter – many agents post what they’re looking for or give great advice. Also good for developing a list of editors to query.

Michelle Hauck has an awesome writer blog and an archived post where new authors can post a pitch for new agents. Lots of great stuff on this blog. LOTS.

Attend a conference like The New York Pitch, ScriptFest, RWA or ThrillFest. Agents often take part in workshops and panel discussions, attend after-hours events, etc. Polish up that 30-second elevator pitch and buy somebody a drink.

Hope those help! Finding an agent is like throwing a fishing line seventeen miles out into the vast ocean and watching it bob for days…weeks…months…it’s maddening, I know. But the ones who end up getting the agents? They’re the persistent ones. Believe me, I know.

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