Book Excerpt Tuesday: When A Pirate Makes Amends, He Really Makes Amends…


In this scene from Eight Nights At Sea, our intrepid Pirate Captain Zephyr has just arrived back at his cabin after an argument of epic proportions his beautiful stowaway Rina – one that ended with her knocking him on his behind with a sack of flour and several strategically launched apples.

Zeph knows he was behaving badly, and he’s ready to make amends…

“Is the rum gone?” Rina asked.
“I’ve had entirely too much rum lately,” he answered.
“Are you sure you’re a pirate?” she teased. “First you get knocked on your arse by a woman and now you’ve sworn off rum. Shall I embroider a few flowers onto the collars of your shirts next?”
His eyes met hers over the top of his goblet. ‘You’ll pay for that impertinence.”
“I thought we’d just declared a truce, Captain.”
He put his wine down and rose to his feet, extending a hand to Rina. She took it, and he pulled her close.
“You don’t have to call me captain, you know. I was just speaking out of turn earlier.” He pushed her hair gently behind her ear before trailing his fingers down her neck to her shoulder.
Rina stared up at him. “It’s all right.” She cupped his face, tracing his jawline with her thumb. “Maybe it’s better if we don’t get too personal with each other. It seems to make us both angry.”
He turned his head and kissed her palm. “I’d like to get very personal with you right now.”
“I’d like that, too.”
He stepped back, stroking his beard. “I believe Mr. Barton sent a pot of honey along with those rolls – just in case you were interested in assaulting me with food again.”
She gave him an impish grin. “Sounds promising.”
A long while later, they were lying in a honey-covered heap on the bare mattress, since the sheets had long since been torn off the bed. Rina was tucked under Zeph’s arm with her head on his chest and with one very sticky leg thrown over his.
“This is going to be a damned nuisance to get out of my chest hair.” Zeph complained.
“Mmmm. I may be stuck here for days.”
They laid in silence as Zeph ran his hand lazily over her backside. “You know, love, I think we need to make an agreement. Let’s agree that neither of us is likely to find anything like this ever again.”
“Agreed.” Rina murmured sleepily. “But it doesn’t change anything.”
Zeph’s arm tightened around her. “No. I suppose it doesn’t.”

Eight Nights At Sea is available (paperback and Kindle) at

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