Cover Reveal And Release Date For Earthsinger!!

Beautiful young smiling couple in love embracing indoor

Yes, it’s here! The cover for Earthsinger! Isn’t it gorgeous? And along with that cover comes the at-long-last finally official release date:

August 15, 2016

I’m finishing up my final edits now, then it gets one more polish after the beta readers, and then it’s all yours!

We’re three books into this series and it is getting epic! The world is at stake, the pieces are falling together, and we are all still wondering about our mysterious red-haired girl.

Get ready to take a trip with former MMA-fighter-now-trucker Matt who is now unknowingly under the watchful eye of our earthsinger, Manni, who’s no stranger to throwing punches herself. What happens when two fiesty tempers are stuck in the cab of a truck for far too many miles? And how will Matt react to all the supernatural forces gathering around him?

You’re going to find out soon – Earthsinger breaks on August 15th!


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