Tidbit Tuesday: Getting Over True Love Is Never Easy

Sea landscape with the eye of Ireland in Howth, Ireland.

In my novel, Someday in Dublin, Michael and Amy have a whirlwind romance that hits an overwhelming obstacle, leaving them both wounded. With an ocean between them, they both find it hard to recover, and even harder to get over what was nearly in their grasp. In this scene, Michael is doing his best to keep life on an even pace, but his loving cat, Useless, has something to say about that.

Michael stared at the television set, flipping through the channels one more time, even though he’d already done it twice.
He glanced over at the clock on the wall.
“It’s not even nine,” he said, “And here I sit.” He looked over at Useless, who blinked at him slowly before she lifted a paw and began a bath.
“I can’t even think,” Michael said in disgust.
He tossed the remote onto the other end of the couch, causing Useless to leap back in surprise. She gave him a dirty look before settling back in and starting to clean the other leg.
“Sorry,” Michael apologized. “I’ll just go and have a bath myself,” he said.
Useless looked up at him apathetically.
“I’ll use water for mine, if it’s all right with you, your royal highness.”
Useless didn’t even deign to acknowledge that. She just moved on to her tail.
Michael got up off the couch, and walked into the bathroom, reaching for his robe on the back of the door. His hand closed around it and he shut his eyes, suddenly assailed by a memory of how Amy had looked wearing it…it had nearly been dragging the floor on her, the sleeves hanging over her hands. They’d flopped against her head when she pushed her damp hair back off her face. And there had been just a hint of the curve of a breast showing through the opening in front…
He tossed the robe down into the hamper near the door with an irritated sound before turning on his heel and heading for the front door, scooping his keys off the counter on the way.
“I’m going out!” he announced to the cat. “I need to do something besides sit here.”
Useless yawned widely, having finished her bath, and settled her head down on her paws, closing her eyes.
“And that’s a fine show of support,” Michael fumed, slamming the door behind him.

See how Michael and Amy come together – again and again – in Someday in Dublin!

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