Santa Delivers All Sorts Of Good Things in ‘Naughty or Nice’

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In my holiday novella, Naughty or Nice, Olivia has just finished her Christmas Eve shift in retail. She’s looking forward (not) to a quiet evening alone when she bumps into the mall Santa – who happens to be the guy she’s been crushing on from afar, filling in for some extra cash. Olivia decides to take a chance on an evening with Jason, and finds out that wishes really do come true – in spite of meddling best friends.

“Maybe we should move to the bed,” she said breathlessly.
Jason smiled down at her. “I have to stop kissing you first, and I don’t know if I can do that,” he said with a chuckle, kissing her once more.
He finally eased off of her, pulling her up to a sitting position. Olivia pushed her mussed-up hair out of her face self-consciously as she caught sight of his impish grin.
“What?” she asked, running her fingers under her eyes just in case her mascara had smudged or something.
“Is that – ” he looked past her shoulder. “Is that a Hitachi wand?”
Olivia’s eyes went wide and she spun around. There, propped on the arm of the couch was her vibrator. It had been fitted with a necktie and a pair of eyes were drawn on it in sharpie pen. On the sidetable next to the couch was a bottle of Jack Daniels with a note leaned against it.
“I’m going to kill her,” Olivia gritted out.
“Let me guess…Jill?” Jason was trying very hard not to laugh, but wasn’t having much success. He reached over her, snapping up the note before she could grab it.
Livvie,” he read, “Have fun with Mr. Hitachi. If you get bored, it’s not too late to change your mind. Merry Christmas!” He set the note down. “Is this her idea of setting you up? Anonymous Santas and Hitachi wands?”
“Santa didn’t work out so bad,” Olivia answered, straightening her dress. “And the wand is mine, anyway. Jill has the spare keys to my apartment.”
“And the necktie?”
Olivia made a face. “My cheating ex, who – according to God’s sick sense of humor – is not alone this Christmas.”
Jason slid off the couch and got to his feet, extending a hand down to her. His eyes gleamed in the glow of the Christmas tree lights and he helped her to her feet.
“Neither are you, love” he said.

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