My Brain Is At War With Itself

Light bulb with the word idea

All it took was an idea, and I got derailed.

I’ve been pounding through the finalization of Earthsinger (at long freaking last) around all the ramp-up publicity for my YA novel, and battling a massive case of writer’s block while I’m at it.

The only cure for writer’s block is to write. So I have been. But I’ve also been battling a new book that decided to eat my brain. I’ve been slapping it back (with a chair in one hand) so that I don’t get sidetracked, but it’s been a real battle.

I want to write! But I want to write this! Not that! Not right now, anyway. I mean, that is great and I do want to finish it, just. . . not right now.

Welcome to a writer’s life. Can’t shut the brain off – all you can do is ride herd on it.

Back to work.

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