“You know this is inevitable, Lizzie.”


His hand slid up her arm, leaving a trail of gooseflesh in its wake, his fingers traveling slow up her shoulder and neck until they softly stroked her jawline. “I know you’re apprehensive, and I understand that.”

His voice was hypnotizing, seducing her while his thumb moved up to stroke her lower lip. “But we both know how incredible we’re going to be together,” he murmured. “You can feel it, just like I do. We don’t know how this will all end up, but we know we have right now, and we have this.”

He pulled her slowly up against him, as if he didn’t want to frighten her. His arms moved around her and one of her own hands crept up to his chest, feeling the hard slab of muscle and the heat of him through his shirt. Lizzie raised her eyes to his.


She pulled back. “Is that really the line you use? ‘We have right now!'” she mocked. “‘Who knows what tomorrow will bring!‘”

She gave him a push and laughingly held her free hand to her heart in a dramatic fashion. “‘We must seize this moment!‘” She sank down onto the bed, still laughing. “Honest to God, Indar. How many dewy-eyed women has that line scored for you? Bravo!” She clapped, her eyes full of laughter.

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